How To Save Money On Gas – Top 5 Tips

Save money on gas

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If you cringe at the thought of filling up your gas tank because it seems to get more expensive every month, there’s a few things you can do. While it isn’t possible to lower the price of gas, you can absolutely change how much gas you’re using. Here’s how to save money on gas every month like an efficiency ninja.

Change Driving Habits

Adopting a more fuel efficient driving behavior is the first step to saving money. Changing a fuel burning habit won’t make a difference if you only do it once or twice, unfortunately. Making a commitment to be fuel efficient at all times is how you save money on gas.

Bad Habit: Accelerating quickly at stop lights
Instead: Accelerate more gently instead of throttling the gas pedal

Bad Habit: Maintaining high speed and braking hard
Instead: Coast into stop signs/lights to decelerate

Bad Habit: Idling for long periods of time
Instead: Turn your engine off if stopped for several minutes

Use A Rewards Program

We’re all creatures of habit, and often frequent a brand of gas station without realizing we’re biased. If you always fill up at the same station in your home town and while traveling, ask if they have a rewards program.

You can also check if your current credit cards offer cash back on certain purchases, and prioritize cash back rewards over other credit cards.

Amazon, for example, rewards you with store credit at the end of every month based on all purchases made with their card. Using your Amazon credit card to fill up your gas tank can earn you store credit every month.

Optimize Driving Routes

Shaving off a block or two on your normal drive to work, isn’t going to make an eye popping difference on a daily basis. It doesn’t feel like it matters, which is why most people don’t bother to closely examine their driving route.

But if you save two blocks of driving everyday for an entire year, you’re going to notice a massive difference in your gas expense.

That’s ten blocks of driving per week you can avoid. Forty blocks per month. Almost five hundred blocks of driving per year you can avoid, just by finding a more efficient route on your way to work.

Maintain Tire Pressure

Your tires will slowly deflate over the course of time, until one day it’s glaringly obvious that your tires need air. But as your tires deflate, you lose fuel efficiency along the way.

Your car becomes less and less fuel efficient as you lose more and more tire pressure. That means you’re burning more gas everyday without even realizing it. Make a habit to check, and inflate your tires to maintain greater fuel efficiency.

Prioritize Fuel On Your Next Car Purchase

While the tips above can save you hundreds of dollars per year, the five hundred pound gorilla that can save you thousands is picking a fuel efficient car.

Ten years ago, fuel efficient cars often meant driving around in shiny cardboard box looking contraption. But times have changed, and car manufacturers understand aesthetics are a primary reason why people avoid fuel efficient cars.

Have you ever seen a Tesla? That’s the future of fuel efficiency. Tesla has raised the bar on what people expect a fuel efficient car to look like. On your next car purchase you’ll have the option to blend beauty with fuel efficiency.

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