How To Reduce Sugar In Your Diet

Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and other common health issues. If you’re trying to get your sugar consumption to a healthier level, you’ll want to become a label and food swapping expert. Here’s how to reduce sugar in your diet without feeling miserable.

Reduce Simple Carbohydrates

Surprisingly, the majority of your daily sugar consumption comes from a small group of foods. It isn’t uncommon for most of your meals to be low in sugar, but you’re still over the recommended daily threshold because of one or two food choices each day.

Reducing or eliminating these high sugar foods, is often enough to get your sugar at a healthy level. You can try cutting these portions in half, or swapping for a healthier alternative.

High Sugar Foods To Reduce:

– Ice Cream
– Cake
– Candy
– Chocolate

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Read Every Food Label

Sugar is one of the more common ingredients added to processed foods, especially low fat diet products. When you strip out the fat in most products, it’s going to taste terrible. To make these diet foods more palatable, sugar will be added to improve the taste.

Added sugar takes many forms on the label. You want to avoid or reduce foods that have the following:

– High Fructose Corn Syrup
– Dried Cane Syrup
– Molasses
– Sucrose
– Brown Rice Syrup
– Honey
– Maple Syrup

Choose Natural Sugar

Eliminating every last drop of sugar from your diet, is going to be an incredibly bland existence. Everyone is going to crave something sweet to add variety to their meals. When you get a sweet tooth, it’s always better to opt for natural sugar.

If it grows on a tree, or sprouts from the ground there’s going to be some much needed fiber to help balance the sugar content. If you reach for a box of processed food, there’s going to be excessive sugar with little to no fiber.

Try freezing your fruit or berries as an ice cream substitute.

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Sugary Drinks

One of the fastest ways to spike your blood sugar is with a straight shot of juice or soda. Like many processed foods, there’s no fiber in sugary drinks to slow down digestion. Flooding your system with high sugar, fast digesting, drinks will dramatically elevate your insulin level.

Also be cautious of drinking bottled tea, coffee, energy drinks and even vitamin water. Many will have added sugar.

Limit Artificial Sweeteners

Switching to artificial sweeteners, in an attempt to reduce daily sugar consumption, seems like a logical solution. Studies are showing the switch isn’t as simple as it seems, and may not be helping.

There’s growing evidence your body, and digestive system, interacts with the fake stuff in a similar way to real sugar. Much of our digestive process begins with the anticipation of something sweet.

Meaning, over the years you’ve trained your hormones to respond to sweet foods with insulin and other hormones before you begin eating.

If you’re concerned about insulin and blood sugar, you’ll want to limit the amount of artificial sweeteners you’re using because the hormone response is similar to real sugar.

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