How To Lose Chest Fat – Top 3 Exercises

by – Having excessive chest fat is more than just a body issue. It’s destructive to your self esteem, confidence, and can lead to increased anxiety or depression.

Depending on how much fat you have on your chest, hiding it with clothing may not be a viable solution for you. If you’re having trouble getting rid of it, here’s how to lose chest fat by making some simple changes to your diet and exercise routine.

Causes Of Chest Fat

Before getting to the recommended exercises and changes to diet, here’s a quick explanation of what can cause excessive chest fat.


The amount, and location of fat storage is governed by your personal genetics. Unfortunately, we don’t get to decide where our fat gets stored. Some guys are influenced genetically to store more fat in the gut, others the thighs, and for some the chest is the big winner.

As your body fat rises, you may be more likely to store fat on your chest compared to other areas because of your family genetics.

High Body Fat Percentage

Some people can get relatively lean and still have noticeable chest fat, but for most struggling with chest fat it’s because their overall body fat percentage is too high.

Recommended diet changes to reduce overall body fat is further down.


Gynecomastia is the development of breast tissue in men and boys, often due to a hormone imbalance. Although estrogen is primarily associated with women, men will also produce this hormone in small amounts.

When there’s a change in your testosterone production, the estrogen you produce can become more influential resulting in slight breast tissue growth.

When this hormone imbalance occurs during puberty, it can often correct itself with time. If you experience the development of breast tissue as an adult, your doctor can help you decide the best solution.

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Changes To Diet

Reducing your body fat isn’t just about a raw number of calories. The type of food you eat heavily influences your hormones linked to fat storage. If all you do is reduce your calories by 20%, without changing the source of the remaining calories, you’re likely to be disappointed with the results.

Here’s some changes you should make to reduce body fat:

Eat Less Of This

White Flour
Fruit Juice
White Bread
White Rice
Processed Food
Fried Food
Fast Food

Eat More Of This

Lean Protein
Fresh Vegetables
Whole Grains
Brown Rice
Stevia (instead of artificial sweetener)

Recommended Supplements

Green Tea Extract (metabolism)
Caffeine, up to 300 mg/day (metabolism)
Fiber Pills (digestion, saiety)

Recommended Diet Plan: Lose 30 pounds in 3 months

Top 3 Exercises

For toning and losing fat on your chest, the best movements are going to be plyometric type exercises to work your pectorals. This combines both cardio and resistance training into one move.

Plyo Pushups

Plank Walks

Chest Fat Burning Workout

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How To Lose Chest Fat

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