How To Lose 50 Pounds Or More

how to lose 50 pounds

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If you want to lose 50 pounds or more it’s important to avoid repetitive mistakes, have realistic expectations, and adopt specific eating habits proven to reduce your body’s likelihood to store body fat.

Here’s how to lose 50 pounds or more.

How Long Will It Take?

I’m not going to hand out rainbows and unicorns and tell you it’s possible to lose 50 pounds in a few weeks. It’s not. That’s pure fantasy. The reality is, it will take several months to lose that much weight.

It’s important you accept this reality, and view your progress within this longer term context. A common problem is when you expect to lose ten pounds per week, then feel like a failure when it doesn’t come true.

It’s not that you failed, it’s that your expectations were not realistic. Anyone and everyone is capable of losing weight, but it will take consistent behavior changes over several months to accomplish.

More Truths:

– It will take 6-8 weeks to SEE a difference in the mirror
– Your weight will back and fill, lose 10 pounds then regain 2

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The First 10 Pounds

When you’re trying to lose 50 pounds or more, it can feel like a depressing, unattainable goal. It takes several months to lose that much weight, which makes getting off to a good start incredibly important.

Seeing fast results, even if it’s only ten pounds, adds both physical and psychological momentum making your longer term goal seem like a real possibility.

Instead of jumping straight into a daily 90 minute exercise routine your first week, that actually encourages you to quit, start by finding the low hanging fruit.

Start by adopting some of the most simple changes that can help you lose 5-10 pounds in a few short weeks.

Drink more water.

One of the more simple ways to drop a few pounds, and even a few inches off your waist, is to shed the excessive water weight you may be retaining. It happens to everyone, and it’s also one of the easiest problems to fix.

You influence your body to retain less water by drinking more. It’s counter-intuitive but that’s how our body works. Don’t drink enough and your body stores more for later use. Drink a healthy, consistent amount of water everyday and your body retains less.

Eat more fiber.

Another simple fix is to give your digestion a bit of a boost. You can use a cleansing product if you’re feeling extra bloated, or you can just start eating more fiber with each meal. If you aren’t big on vegetables, and other high fiber sources you’ll need to start taking a fiber supplement with your meals. You’d be surprised how much more energy you’ll have, and how slimmer your waist feels after a good cleansing. Bloat not only makes you feel heavier, it can add several inches to your waistline.

Prioritize Your Sleep Cycle

Sleep and body weight doesn’t seem to be highly correlated, but recent studies are showing they are. People with both higher quantity and higher quality sleep lose more weight than those who don’t sleep well. It’s believed to be related to insulin regulation associated with sleep. If you toss and turn every night you may want to try some simple sleep aids like earplugs, melatonin, or chamomile tea before dozing off.

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Diet Changes To Lose 50 Pounds

You have to change your diet, it’s just the truth. Anyone that tells you it’s possible to lose a significant amount of weight without making significant changes to your diet is being disingenuous.

The absolute first three things you need to change are as follows:


Yeah, I know it tastes good and most people have a sweet tooth but it absolutely wrecks your inherent weight management system. Your body adjusts and adapts to everything we do. What we eat, and how much we exercise — it adapts to everything.

Your body also has a nasty response to excessive amounts of sugar. When you flood your body with sugar it causes an insulin spike, increasing the likelihood of storing calories as body fat. Elevated insulin also negates your ability to feel full. Sugar will make you feel constant hunger, and the excessive calories are likely to be stored as body fat.

It’s a nasty, vicious cycle of fat storage. So step one, is to get your sugar intake under control. It’s your number one priority while trying to lose weight.

Simple Carbs

Sugar and simple carbs go hand in hand, but you also want to limit fast digesting foods that don’t have a lot of sugar. Bread, pasta, and rice don’t have to be completely eliminated but you want to be conscious of how much you’re eating and try to curb how much is in each meal.


Fat isn’t as bad as sugar and other simple carbs, and certain fats actually have health benefits to both your heart and brain function. So you don’t have to eat fat-free cardboard type food.

It’s okay to keep some fat in your diet. Generally a good fat range for what you’re eating is to keep the fat content in the 30-40% range. If you look at the nutritional label and see it’s 90% fat (like mayonnaise), it’s better to avoid eating or limit the amount you consume.

If you formulate your meal plan around those three very basic tenets, and incorporate them into your daily life for three months, you’ll be shocked how much easier it seems to drop body weight.

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