How To Lose 5 Pounds This Week

lose 5 pounds this week

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Losing five pounds of pure body fat is quite challenging. You’d need to create a calorie deficit of almost 25,000 calories over seven days to lose five pounds of pure fat.

I’d rather birth a giraffe then try to do that.

If, however, you just need to lose a quick five pounds of body weight that changes everything. You can lose a few inches, lose the bloat, and feel less sluggish in just a few short days.

Here’s how to lose 5 pounds this week, and the three primary areas you’ll want to focus on:

– Body Fat
– Water Weight
– Cleansing Digestion

Body Fat

As mentioned, losing five pounds of body fat is really difficult and can take several months. The goal in the next seven days is only to lose 1-2 pounds of pure fat, which is a more reasonable and attainable goal.

So how do you do that, right?

To lose body fat you’ll need to focus on establishing a calorie deficit, changing diet content, and increasing cardiovascular exercise.

Caloric Deficit

The basic premise of a calorie deficit is to eat fewer calories than your body requires to maintain its current weight. If you weigh 150 pounds, you likely need 1600-1800 calories everyday to maintain your weight.

A calorie deficit is when you eat below your maintenance range. In the example above anything under 1,600 calories would establish a deficit influencing you to lose body weight.

You can also increase the deficit through calorie expenditure, like exercise. If you were to reduce your calories eaten by 250, and also burn 250 calories with exercise, you create a daily caloric deficit of 500 calories.

That’s exactly what you want to do.

A combination of calorie reduction, calorie expenditure, and changing diet content is how you’re going to lose 1-2 pounds of body fat this week.

A safe calorie reduction would be 20% of your current daily total. Don’t try to be a hero and slash your daily calories by 50%, because it isn’t sustainable.

Nope, don’t even try it.

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Diet Changes

Certain foods are more influential when it comes to body fat, depending on rate of digestion and how it influences hormones. Anything that digests fast (simple carbs) is bad. Anything that spikes your insulin (sugar) is bad.

You want your meals to be comprised of high protein, slow digesting foods. This keeps your insulin levels at a healthy level and will help you feel full and satisfied after every meal because of the slower digestion.


– Sugar
– Dairy
– White Bread
– White Rice
– Fast Food
– Juice
– Soda


– Fruit
– Processed Foods

Eat More

– Fish
– Skinless Chicken
– Vegetables
– Oatmeal
– Beans
– Almonds
– Popcorn (no butter)
– Brown Rice


What you choose to do isn’t as important as how hard you do it… wait, that came out wrong.


You want to focus on intensity. Your goal is to burn 200-300 calories each and every day for seven straight days. I always prefer to just get it over and done with a quick 20 minute workout that’s at a higher intensity.

Or you could waddle in circles for three hours until you hit 300 calories. Entirely up to you.

Here’s some high calorie burners:

– Interval Training
– Kickboxing
– Dancing
– Hiking
– Crossfit

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Water Weight

It’s not unusual to lose 2-3 pounds of water weight in seven days depending on your current condition. How much water you drink everyday will have a inverse correlation with how much water you retain.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t make a habit of chugging water all day long, it means there’s some quick pounds to lose in the form of water weight.

The more water you drink everyday, the less your body will retain. Keep a water bottle at your desk and keep filling it up all day long.

Reduce Sodium

You should take an honest view of your current meals and habits to determine if sodium consumption needs to be addressed. Some people are very sodium sensitive, causing water retention without eating excessive amounts everyday.

Keep in mind sodium is in many foods that you don’t consider high sodium. Many processed foods and common condiments are very high in sodium and should be reduced.

Drink Dandelion Root Tea

You can speed up the process of flushing out all that water by drinking dandelion root tea. Once in the morning, and once in the evening is more than enough to influence your trips to the bathroom.

Losing Water Weight Summary

1: Increase Daily Water Intake
2: Reduce Sodium
3: Drink Dandelion Tea Twice A Day

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The final step, and good for a 1-2 pound weight loss, is by giving your digestion a bit of a cleanse. If you feel bloated, or your belly never seems to look empty you might be a little backed up.


You’ll want to increase your fiber intake each day either through food or with fiber supplements.

High Fiber Foods:

– Peas
– Black Beans
– Broccoli
– Brussels Sprouts
– Artichokes

Lemon Water

Lemon water isn’t for everyone, some people truly hate it, but it’s proven to be a great way to detox and increase digestive efficiency. First thing in the morning drink a glass of warm water with a few slices of lemon.

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