How To Lose 15 Pounds – Advice For Men

How to lose 15 pounds

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by – Want to know how to lose 15 pounds without living on salad and vegetable smoothies? Then plan like a man, diet like a man, and lose the weight like a man.

Yeah, I’m grunting right now.

What’s Your Time Frame?

The shorter your time frame the more restrictive you’ll need to be to reach your 15 pound weight loss goal. If you have several months, however, you can set a very moderate and achievable goal of 3-5 pounds per month.

One Month

15 pounds in 30 days? Now that’s ambitious but not impossible. To achieve such a lofty goal will require both diet and exercise adjustments to reach fifteen pounds. It will be very difficult to lose more than a few pounds in thirty days with diet alone.

Two Months

This is actually the sweet spot for a fifteen pound weight loss goal. It’s not a long term behavior change, meaning you’re going to see results in a short amount of time. Seeing that reward for your effort is vital to maintaining motivation.

No one wants to diet, and only see a one or two pound difference after several months.

More Than Three Months

If you have more than three months to reach your goal, you don’t need to make drastic changes to your diet or exercise patterns. You can slowly, and methodically, make changes. When you’re talking about three plus months, that’s more of a long term lifestyle change rather than a quick diet.

In this scenario, a progressive calorie deficit will yield the best results. Meaning you only reduce your daily calorie by small amounts each week. On a short term diet you would make big cuts to your calorie intake, up to 500 per day.

But on a long term goal, you can reduce your calories by one 100-200 per week over several months and see dramatic results.

Try An All Meat Diet

Eat all the meat and cheese you want and lose some weight! That doesn’t even sound like a diet, right? But it is. One of the most popular, and effective, diets for men is a low carb, high protein diet.

Why? Well, who doesn’t like to eat like a caveman? Meat for breakfast, meat for lunch, and meat for dinner. If you’re a steak and eggs, throw more cheese on it, kind of guy you will absolutely love a high protein diet.

Low Carb Diet Philosophy

You’re going to restrict your body’s main fuel source, carbohydrates, for several weeks or months and force your body to tap into body fat for fuel. It’s not just bro-science or gym theory. It’s not a new phenomenon and has actually been studied for several decades.

It works, but requires some discipline.

Become A Carb Ninja

The diet only works if you severely restrict your carb intake to less than 30 grams per day. It’s actually a bit of a challenge even if you’re super diligent because there are trace amount of carbs in lots of food that can add up to more than 30 grams per day.

Hidden Carbs:

– Vegetables
– Nuts and Peanut Butter
– Beverages

Foods You Must Avoid:

– Bread
– Potatoes
– Rice
– Fruit
– Sugar

Low Carb Diet Resources

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Write Everything Down

While you’re trying to adjust to your new behavior you’ll want to keep a log of what you eat. It creates a habit of avoiding certain foods, and also creates a knowledge base of how many calories you’re actually eating every day.

Keep a total of your calories for the day and week, and adjust them up or down depending on how much weight you’re losing. This diet is incredibly effective, and it’s possible for you to lose weight faster than you feel comfortable with. So keep adjusting your calories to find your comfort zone.

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