How To Look Thinner Without Losing Weight

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How to look thinner


Losing weight is hard work, and can take months and sometimes years. If you want to start looking and feeling thinner, like right now, there are some things you can do.

While it only gives the perception of being thinner, it does work and don’t be surprised if people ask about how much weight you’ve lost.

Here’s how to look thinner without losing weight or starving yourself.

Choose Well Fitted Clothes

The number one rule, for looking thinner, is to wear well fitted clothes. They can’t be too tight, and definitely can’t be too loose. If you wear something too tight and restrictive, it can accentuate an area you don’t want to get attention like a belly roll.

No Baggy Clothes

Yes, it’s incredibly comfortable especially if you’re on the plus size but the extra fabric flapping around makes you look bigger than you really are. Baggy clothes can also change the perception of your age, and cleanliness. Fair or not, baggy clothes give a really bad impression.

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Use Good Patterns And Colors

“Black makes you look thinner”, isn’t just an old wives tale. It’s actually true. Black and other darker colors limit the shadows seen on your body creating the optical illusion of being thinner. The same can be said for thin vertical stripes, and how it shapes your perception of width.

Avoid Bad Patterns And Colors

While dark colors, and thin vertical stripes are good, there are definitely some colors and patterns you’ll want to avoid. Avoid large prints and patterns, or anything giving the illusion of width. Yup, horizontal stripes are bad.

Use Vertical Lines

Strategically use vertical lines when choosing your clothes and overall outfit. This isn’t really about fabric patterns, but the visual flow from head to toe. For example, an open blazer or jacket will create a long vertical line against the contrast of your shirt. It gives the perception of length and being thinner.

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Use Body Contouring Shapewear

If you aren’t cheating you aren’t really trying, haha. Some people are a little apprehensive about using body contouring shapewear under their clothes, but you really shouldn’t. Shapewear can smooth out trouble areas, help you feel lean, and boost your confidence at the same time.

Avoid Fabrics That Add Volume

A thick sweater can add an inch of padding that makes you look thicker and heavier. Fine cotton, denim, spandex and cashmere can have a slimming effect while other fabrics like flannel, leather and mohair will have a less flattering influence.

Pay Attention To Posture

The taller you appear, the thinner you’ll appear. Avoid slouching, hold your head up high, stand up straight and suck in your gut as much as possible. But don’t forget to breathe.

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