How To Improve Circulation To Limbs

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how to improve circulation


You can address poor circulation to your limbs by making some simple lifestyle changes, adopting a more active daily routine, and incorporating some healthy supplements.

Here’s how to improve circulation at home, without making a trip to the doctor’s office.


Daily exercise of any kind would be beneficial to circulation, but walking is the easiest on your joints and convenient for most people. You don’t have to strain or even break a sweat, you’re just trying to improve blood flood with a daily walking routine. Other forms of low impact exercises are bike riding and swimming.

Don’t sit for too long
If you work in an office like most people, it means you’re sitting for most if not all of the day. Staying in one position for too long, either sitting or standing, allows the blood to collect instead of flowing freely. If you make a conscious decision to get up and move around at least once an hour, even if it’s only for two minutes, you’ll experience a noticeable difference.

Get a massage
While many view a massage as either physical therapy for an injury, or perhaps a once a year treat to get pampered it can also be used to help circulation. A good massage will stimulate blood flow to the soft tissue.

Lifestyle Changes

Change Drinking Habits
Sodas, sweetened drinks and alcohol all have negative effects on circulation. Reducing or eliminating these beverages and replacing them with a healthy dose of water has shown to improve circulation for many people.

Stop Smoking

Smoking has obvious health ramifications like cancer and lung problems, but it also effects your circulation. Smoking can cause the arteries in your legs to harden, preventing the flow of blood to your extremities.

Avoid restrictive clothing, shoes
Clothing is often an overlooked element of health, but if your clothes or shoes are too restrictive it can cause problems with circulation. The same can be said with jewelry, undergarments and even the type of belt you choose.

Eat less salt
Excessive salt intake can cause water retention. As the body swells it can place added pressure on the veins resulting in reduced blood circulation.

Supplements For Better Circulation

Gingko is widely studied and has proven to aid in the opening of blood vessels and circulation.

Birch Bark Tea
Known to help stimulate the circularoty system, you can add this to your daily routine either through a convenient supplement or a healthy tea.

Cayenne Pepper
Sprinkling a bit of this pepper can not only spice up your meals, boost your metabolism, but also improve circulation.

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