How To Get Your Husband To Lose Weight

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how to get your husband to lose weight


When your husband walks across the room does the house always seem to “settle”? When you look at the belt buckle of his jeans, can you see the damn buckle? Or is it buried beneath his gut? Tucked away like a hibernating bear, nestled in the fleshy warmth of an overlapping fat cave?

Okay, that’s enough of that.

So your husband has put on a few pounds, and he’s less than enthusiastic about dieting. Sound familiar?

Let’s all take a moment to sigh collectively. Let out all that frustration, the disgust and contempt of his lazy…

Instead of getting upset we’re going to use a little psychology and influence the predictable male ego to get him to shed some pounds. No nagging, no using the mommy voice on your fully grown adult husband. No repetitive telling him to put down his hot dog contraption and get on the dusty treadmill.

Just,  no.

We’re gonna get all “creative” on his ass. Here’s how to get your husband to lose weight without reaching a full blown man-tantrum.

Build Him Up Instead Of Tearing Him Down

The male ego is like a delicate flower. It’s precious, and a little pathetic in a baby monkey kind of way. It also makes him resistant to change that isn’t initiated by himself.

Often, but not always, the problem isn’t losing weight or eating less. It’s being told to do something like he’s a child. It makes him feel like less of a man, so he resists and subconsciously wrecks his diet as a way of asserting control.

So how do you get around this deeply entrenched, “I’m the boss of me”, mentality?

Instead of directly criticizing his weight, or nagging him for the twentieth time today, compliment something masculine about him. Anything.

It doesn’t even have to be true. He just has to think it’s true.

– “I like this vein in your forearm. Looks powerful and stuff.”
– “I need your beefy shoulders to move something heavy, cause I’m just a girl and super helpless”. Okay, that one was a little much, but you get the idea.

Know what happens when you stroke his ego instead of tearing him down? He changes his behavior to get more compliments. His ego likes what it’s hearing and wants more.

You know, like a puppy.

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Let Cavemen Be Cavemen

Your guy doesn’t want a salad. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best, most efficient path for him to consistently lose weight. Doesn’t matter that his doctor told him to eat more vegetables.

He. Doesn’t. Want. A Salad.

So what can you do? What can you pour down his gullet, garbage disposal of a throat, that won’t make him look like a zoo exhibit?

Meat! Lots and lots of meat.

Instead of forcing him down the salad path that might induce a man-tantrum, encourage him to eat more lean protein and cut back on the carbs.

That’s all it really takes for men to lose weight. Men carry much more muscle tissue than women, helping them churn through calories with their metabolism alone.

Get him to eat more meat and build more muscle. The more muscle he has, the more meat he can eat. It’s like the circle of life, but with roast beef.

Reduce The Following:

– Sugar
– Juice
– Simple Carbohydrates

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Exercising, What Is He Willing To Do?

The more control you give him, the more likely he is to follow through with an exercise plan. Maintaining discipline is hard enough, but when you feel “forced” to do something you absolutely hate you’re likely to quit.

If he isn’t a gym person, help him find what he wants to do. Some guys like to golf, some guys don’t.

Some guys feel comfortable heading to the basketball court and finding a game, and others can’t comprehend how this is even possible.

Help him find his comfort zone and encourage him to continue. Here’s some activities that burn calories, keep your man active, and he might actually enjoy doing every week.

– Racket ball
– Golf (Lots of walking)
– Kickboxing
– Mountain Biking
– Powerlifting
– Crossfit
– Tennis

The most important aspect of every exercise plan is finding a gateway activity. You can’t reach the finish line if you never start. Encouraging him to golf, when there are better calorie burning activities, may not seem like the best course of action but it gets the ball rolling.

If he’s out walking every week on the golf course, it increases the likelihood he’ll increase his activity through more vigorous exercise in the future.


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