How To Get Wider Shoulders

How to get wider shoulders

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The size and mass of your shoulders are heavily influenced by your genetics and gym behavior. While it may not be possible for everyone to develop impressive mass, developing width is something everyone can improve with the proper strategy.

Instead of focusing all your efforts on getting bigger shoulders, you want to focus on influencing the perception of width. You can do that by making your shoulders a little bigger, and making your waist a little smaller.

The combination of those two strategies will dramatically change the perception of your physical build.  Here’s how to get wider shoulders, and which exercises are most effective.

Exercises To Widen Your Shoulders

The following exercises are intended to develop the side deltoid, which is the primary muscle giving you shoulder width.

Dumbbell Laterals

Lying Dumbbell Laterals

Cable Lateral Raise

Shoulder Press

For developing general shoulder mass and strength

Perception Of Width

When you say someone has wide shoulders it’s always going to be relative to their waistline. If someone has a tiny waist, their shoulders will have an exaggerated width due to perception. The opposite is also true. You can have well developed shoulders, but they will not look as impressive if you also have a wide waist.

In addition to adding muscle mass to your deltoids, you should also focus on improving the perception of shoulder width by reducing your waist size.

Lose The Belly Fat

Sometimes it’s just bloat, and sometimes it’s a layer of fat that you need to get rid of to make your waistline smaller. If you’re having trouble losing fat in this area here’s some tips to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Tighten Your Core

Direct ab work will tighten your core, improve your posture and help you keep your gut sucked in without even trying.

Recommended exercises: How to strengthen your core

Avoid Building Mass

While it’s true your core can tighten and get smaller with ab exercises, it’s also possible to develop mass on your core that will make your waist grow in size. Avoid using heavy weighted exercises, especially when it comes to your obliques.

The obliques are the muscles on the side of your core and can grow and develop mass relatively quickly with enough direct work. Side bends and core twists are the primary exercises for developing the obliques, so avoid using heavy weights on these movements.

Stomach Vacuums

Stomach vacuums are a neat little trick many bodybuilders do to maintain a tiny waist, and make the rest of their muscle mass appear super human. It’s a little awkward at first, but it does work given enough practice and time.

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how to get wider shoulders

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