How To Get Rid Of Water Weight

get rid of water weight

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by – When you’re retaining water it can add several pounds to your overall body weight, and several inches to your waistline. If you’re feeling bloated, and think you’re retaining water, here’s some things you can do everyday to help get rid of water weight quickly.

Reduce Salty Foods

The most common reason for retaining water is related to your diet, and how much sodium you’re eating everyday. Storing water is a preventative measure to regulate the sodium concentration in your blood. The more sodium you eat, the more water is retained to help balance and counter the sodium in your system.

Reduce Sugar

Sugar itself doesn’t cause water retention, but eating an excess amount of sugar will influence your insulin which does directly influence water retention. Dehydration coupled with a spike in insulin levels, can result in significant swelling in the legs, ankles and feet.

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Reduce Refined Carbs

Carbs are often associated with gaining weight, and body fat, but it also plays a role in water retention. In order to store glycogen (energy from carbs), your body needs water.

For every gram of glygogen your body stores, it will need three grams of water. So if you’re loading up on carbs, you’re also loading up on water storage.

Increase Water Consumption

There’s an inverse correlation between water consumption and water stored (retention). When you drink a lot of water, there’s less need to store or retain water because there’s plenty in supply.

Drinking water, and avoiding dehydration, sends a signal to your brain to retain less, because it’s not needed. Not drinking enough water sends a signal to your brain that retention is needed because water supply is low.

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Increase Protein

If you’re a vegetarian, or on a specific low protein diet, it can result in an increase in water retention. Protein is well known for its effect on muscle mass and weight loss, but it also plays a role in removing fluids by increasing urination. Large amounts of protein will have a diuretic effect, causing an increase in urination to flush out protein by-products that can be toxic.

Increase These Foods

– Leafy Greens
– Nuts (unsalted)
– Tomatoes
– Avocados
– Bananas
– Garlic

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