How To Get Rid Of Inner Thigh Fat

how to get rid of inner thigh fat

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Written by – Having lean, toned legs is almost a universal goal for everyone walking into a gym. If you aren’t genetically blessed with lean legs, and have a little “extra” on your thighs, there’s some things you can do. Here’s how to get rid of inner thigh fat as quickly as possible.

Getting Rid Of Inner Thigh Fat

You Can’t Convert Fat

One of the biggest misconceptions about inner thigh fat, and fat in general, is that it can be changed or converted to muscle. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. Fat is fat, and muscle is muscle.

So if you want toned, or muscular, legs with less fat those are two different goals. You need a plan to build muscle, and a separate plan to lose fat.

Don’t Be Afraid To Build Muscle

When the inner thighs are a major problem area, most people tend to shy away from building muscle because they don’t want their thighs to look bigger. You really shouldn’t be afraid of building muscle though.

It helps shape and contour your legs, and more importantly, it plays an indirect role in burning off body fat. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn each day.

Gaining strength, or a little muscle, can also help with self esteem if you’ve become a little self conscious about your thighs.

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Reducing Body Fat

Don’t focus too much on spot reducing. Try to think of body fat systemically. If you reduce your overall body fat, your inner thighs will then reap the rewards of your efforts.

Here’s some quick diet changes for reducing body fat:

Reduce sugar
Reduce refined grains
Less dairy
Limit foods cooked with white flour
No juice
No soda

Fat Calories Aren’t The Only Problem

Fat isn’t an evil food demon, that should be completely eliminated from your meals. The “no fat” marketing craze has kind of made things worse, to be honest. All those zero fat diet products are packed with sugar to help them taste better.

You don’t have to eat cardboard tasting, zero fat food all day. Just try to lower your sugar consumption, and keep your calories in a daily deficit while trying to lose body fat.

List Of Best Inner Thigh Exercises

Inner Leg Lift

Plie Squats

Side Lunges

Squat and Kick

At Home Inner Thigh Workouts

Workout #1 (Beginner)

Workout #2

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Workout #3

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