How To Get More Vascular

How to get more vascular

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The perception of strength and athleticism is often conveyed with vascularity. When someone is standing in front of you, completely relaxed, and their veins look like they’re about to burst — it’s incredibly impressive.

Instantly, you realize this person is in incredible physical condition. But some people have trouble getting more vascular, and their veins don’t “pop” even though they exercise regularly.

Here’s how to get more vascular, and which exercises yield the best results.

Body Fat

While you don’t need to be ultra ripped to be noticeably vascular, your body fat will directly influence how much of your veins become visible. You can get the large veins of the arms to protrude in the higher body fat ranges, but the smaller veins won’t pop until you’re noticeably leaner.

How To Reduce Body Fat

– Eliminate Sugar
– Reduce Simple Carbohyrates
– Reduce Total Daily Carbohydrates
– Increase Protein
– Increase Cardio

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Rep Range

Vascularity is about forcing more and more blood to pass through the vein. The more blood you can get “pumped” through the vein, the more it will need to expand as it adapts to your specific behavior.

When training to improve vascularity you’ll want to adopt more of a bodybuilding routine, and less of a power lifting routine. The “pump” you need to get your veins to expand is experienced in the upper rep range.

Aim for 10+ reps with each exercise.

Partial Reps

One of the best “pumps” you can get is with partial reps. It’s great for vascularity, and adding new muscle mass.

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This is a bit extreme, but it has proven to be effective when trying to become more vascular. When you restrict the blood flow, it limits the blood that can pass through your vein.

It effectively creates a bottle neck, and forces more blood to accumulate in the vein. This forces the vein to expand as blood can’t pass through it fast enough.

It’s important to only restrict the blood flow, and not completely cut it off. Here’s a quick video of restriction training.

Supplements For Vascularity

There isn’t a magic pill you can take that will increase your vascularity without proper training, but L-arginine has proven helpful to increasing your blood flow and the pump you experience while training.

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