How To Get More Muscular Fast

How to get more muscular

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There’s a lot to consider when you’re trying to pack on some muscle. You have to think about diet, carbs, protein, choosing the right exercise, reps and volume. The list goes on and on.

If you want to get more muscular, focus on these core principles and concepts of muscle growth.

Here’s how to get more muscular fast without adding significant body fat.

German Volume Training

If you’re looking for a training concept that can add as much as 10 lbs of muscle in a few short months, you might want to give German volume training a try. It emphasizes constant stress over an extended period of time.

How to do it:

– Pick any exercise (Bench press for example)
– Use 60% of your one rep max
– Do 10 sets of 10 reps

The program is intended to feel easy in the beginning, but much more challenging near the end of your ten sets. You can apply this training concept to any exercise and any muscle group to spur growth.

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Constantly Change Routines

Your body is much better, and faster, than most realize when it comes to adapting to resistance training. The problem, when it comes to muscle gains, is that your body adapts to your routine very quickly with new muscle tissue, and specific muscle fibers.

Once the adapting process is completed, you’ll find yourself less sore with less of a pump after completing the same routine for several weeks in a row. Constantly change the reps, volume, intensity, and weight you’re using.

Get Stronger

The weight you work with everyday will have a proportional influence on the amount of muscle mass you’re able to build. The more weight you can move, the greater potential for adding mass. Even if your goal is primarily aesthetic, and to get more muscular, don’t neglect the exercises and routines designed specifically for adding strength.

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Go Past Muscle Failure

One of the more under utilized concepts when trying to get more muscular is pushing past failure. When training for size and muscularity it’s imperative to reach failure with most exercises. You want to continue until your muscles are exhausted and can’t do anymore repetitions.

So how do you go past failure?

By adding in partial and negative reps. You may not be able to complete a full range of motion rep, but you still have enough strength to complete a quarter or half rep. If you have a training partner you can also add negative reps, where they help you lift the weight allowing you to complete the declining or negative part of the rep.

Rest & Recover

Sometimes you aren’t growing and gaining muscle because there isn’t enough volume, or the right type of stimuli. And sometimes you aren’t progressing because you’re over-training and preventing your muscles from completing the needed recovery cycle.

Prioritize your sleep schedule, and give yourself a quality eight hours of sleep every night to promote cell repair and muscle growth. Also avoid “bombarding” a lagging muscle group by throwing excessive amounts of training volume thinking you can force it to respond. It ends up being counter productive, and prevents further growth due to constant fatigue.

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Learn How Each Muscle Group Grows

While there are generally accepted rep ranges and training volume to illicit new growth, everyone will have personal variations. Try to be aware of what makes each of your muscles groups grow. Your biceps may respond well to 8-10 reps and 10 total sets, but your triceps may not.

Find the sweet spot of reps and volume for each specific muscle group and don’t be afraid to experiment or tweak your training workload.

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