How To Get Leaner Legs Like A Dancer

how to get leaner legs

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by – When you think of someone with “dancer’s legs” you instantly think of long, lean, and well toned legs. While some are just genetically gifted with enviable muscle tone, most people have to put some effort into sculpting their legs and calves to look like a ballerina.

If having lean, well toned legs is your personal goal here’s how to get leaner legs with some at home workouts.

Dancer’s Legs

Muscle Tone (Lean)

While most dancers have noticeably muscular legs, they don’t carry much bulk or mass. Their lean, toned legs are a reflection of their endurance training, and restrictive daily calories.

For improving muscle tone:

– More body weight training
– More stretching
– Reduced calories

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Muscle Mass (Bulk)

Athletes and fitness professionals, while not overweight, will often carry more muscle mass on their quads to better accomplish their performance goals. A more powerful appearance is attained through weighted resistance training, and a higher calorie consumption compared to dancers.

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For improving muscle mass:

– More weighted resistance training
– More quick burst exercises
– Higher calories

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Leaner Legs Workouts

Workout #1 (15 minutes)

Workout #2 (12 minutes)

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Workout #3 (10 minutes)

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How to get leaner legs

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