How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Fast food is so tempting because it’s convenient, tastes good, and can often be cheaper than certain types of healthier food. To bring down the cost of groceries you’ll want to plan your meals, buy in bulk, and stick to cost effective foods. Here’s how to eat healthy on a budget, and some healthy food that inflates your bill.

Cheap Healthy Foods List

In a perfect world you could eat as much fresh fish, avocados, and grapes as you’d like without worrying about your grocery bill. When you’re on a tight budget you need to buy more of the cost effective healthy foods, and less of the expensive stuff.

Here’s a quick list of healthy foods to stock up on that won’t empty your bank account:

Grains & Legumes

Brown Rice
Dried Lentils
Whole Wheat Bread
Whole Wheat Pasta


Romaine Lettuce
Russet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Tomatoes (Canned)


Berries (Frozen)


Canned Tuna
Chicken Breast

5 Quick Tips To Eat Healthy On A Budget

Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry

If you always seem to leave the grocery store with extra unplanned goodies, your empty stomach may be doing some shopping for you. Never shop if you haven’t eaten in several hours, and take a food list so your wandering eye doesn’t fall in love with a box of donuts.

Plan A Full Week Of Meals

Instead of buying the usual stuff, and foods you might use, take a few minutes before grocery shopping to plan a full week of meals. This will give you a concrete list of ingredients you’ll need and limit wasted fruits and vegetables that don’t get eaten before spoiling.

Cook Extra For Leftovers

Even if you’re only cooking for one, it’s always a good idea to cook a little extra and stash it for healthy leftovers. This can help limit the temptation to order take out because you don’t have time to cook a healthy meal.

Buy In Season Produce

Fruits and vegetables are only in season for a few months, and can eat up a large portion of your grocery budget at certain times of the year. If your favorite produce is painfully expensive, take a look in the frozen produce section. It’s just as nutritious and often much, much cheaper.

Shop For Deals

Some foods offer a nice discount if purchased in bulk. Don’t be afraid to stock up for several weeks on some foods that can keep for long periods. Grains, rice, oats, and beans are your best bet for stocking up at a discount.

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How to eat healthy on a budget

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