How To Eat Fewer Calories Without Being Miserable

Lose weight without being miserable

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by – Let’s be honest, eating is fun. Thinking about eating is fun. So when you begin a diet you aren’t just restricting calories. You’re restricting fun.

Yup, every diet ever invented is the fun police — the mortal enemy of everything good. Like donuts. And chocolate.

It’s this psychological attachment we have with food that makes dieting so hard. It also means you’ll struggle and likely fail to follow a calorie restrictive diet using nothing but old fashioned will power.

You need to be smarter, plan better, and incorporate more foods that naturally suppress hunger and make you want to eat less.

Our Ancient Ancestors Didn’t Diet

You’re going to eat until you’re full, and it’s not for pleasure (well, kind of). There’s a biological and hormonal interaction between food, hunger, and feeling full.

Your brain is constantly sending out signals telling you when to eat, and when to stop. It’s a primal function of survival, and so well entrenched in our evolution it’s hard to ignore.

So when you’re on a diet, and your stomach is rumbling like a freight train that’s your brain telling you you’re not done eating. It’ll keep firing out these hunger signals until it gets what it wants — food.

And this is where most diets fail.

You’re constantly hungry, and feeling deprived of food. You’ll get light headed, fatigued and pretty damn cranky.

Most people aren’t going to have the granite-like will power needed to overcome a hunger/hormone system that’s been in place for thousands of years.

But don’t worry, there’s hope!

You can influence your brain’s need for food with the type of food you eat. Basically, the goal is to incorporate more foods that promote a feeling of fullness.

You won’t be as cranky, fatigued, light headed and your brain will be satisfied with the quantity of food, and stop the cries of food deprivation coming from your empty stomach.

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High Volume, Low Calorie Foods

You’re looking for the unicorns of the diet world. High volume, low calorie foods that fill you up but don’t taste like cardboard.

Most people associate diets with eating less. While this is accurate in the calorie sense, it doesn’t have to apply to the quantity of food you eat. You have to view food in terms of calorie density.

The more dense it is, the smaller the portion will need to be.

Chocolate = high density
Broccoli = low density

Imagine a bowl. Any bowl will do. When filled, it’s enough food to fill your belly and avoid any hunger cravings.

Now, if you were to fill that bowl with pure chocolate it would contain close to 3,000 calories. But if you were to fill that bowl with broccoli it would only contain 200 calories.

That’s the power and curse of calorie density.

The serving size, the volume of food, is equal. But the calories are drastically different.

Relax, broccoli haters. It was just an example. There are actually lots of tasty high volume, low calorie foods for you to choose from.

If you approach your diet from a quantity point of view you’re more likely to avoiding cheat days. You have to restrict calories, but not volume.

You can eat a lot, feel full, satisfied and still lose weight. Eat more high volume, low calorie food, and you’ll be happier and more successful on your diet.

Eat More Of This

– Broth based soups
– Popcorn
– Watermelon
– Lean Protein (Chicken, Fish)
– Whole Fruit (Not Juice)
– Broccoli
– Cauliflower
– Asparagus
– Celery
– Zucchini
– Eggs
– Pickles
– Black Rice
– Oatmeal

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Don’t ruin these diet unicorns with high calorie toppings like butter, or sugary sauces. Instead, try mixing in different seasoning and add some spice to it.

Ever tried water melon with salt or spicy seasoning? The mixture of sweet and salty will make your mouth explode with confusing joy.

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Lose weight without being miserable

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