How To Drop A Dress Size In 30 Days

drop a dress size in 30 days

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by – Everyone has a different reason for wanting to fit into a smaller dress. Maybe you have a reunion, an office get together, or maybe you want to start dating again.

Whatever your personal reason, the most important rule for dropping a dress size in the next 30 days is…


With everything you do. Diet, exercise, and planning. You don’t have time to recover from a cheat day, so you need to be diligent, motivated, and follow the plan as written.

You’ll drop several pounds, significantly reduce bloat, and will likely see an improvement in your skin and even your hair.

No, it isn’t a magic formula. The bloat, skin and hair are more of a by-product of a junk food detox for the next few weeks.

Here’s how to drop a dress size in 30 days or less.

The Goal

Everyone has a different starting point so you can’t quantify a “dress size” in body weight like it’s an exact science. For most people, but not all, you’ll likely need to lose 10-15 pounds in the next month to drop a dress size.

Ten pounds isn’t going to be too hard. Fifteen will be a little challenging but it’s totally doable.

These Are The Rules

– Don’t starve yourself (actually causes weight gain)
– Don’t skip meals
– No cheat days
– You can’t eat less than 1,000 calories per day

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– Eat 4-5 equal meals, instead of one or two big meals
– Eat protein for breakfast like eggs, instead of toast or other carbs
– One or two pieces of fruit per day max
– Use psyllium husk supplements to help you feel full

Foods On The Menu

– Lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish)
– Leafy vegetables
– Oatmeal
– Brown or black rice
– Sweet Potatoes
– Most vegetables are fine (but low sugar is better)
– Almonds

Food To Avoid

– Junk food (cake, candy, McDonald’s)
– Processed Food (Food in a box is bad)
– Dairy
– Refined Sugar
– White Flour Foods (bread, pasta)
– Soda, carbonated water (causes bloat)
– Fruit Juice

Foods That Cause Bloating

While these foods aren’t bad for you, they do cause a considerable amount of bloating. Since we’re most focused on size, instead of weight, you’ll want to pay special attention to the following foods in your diet.

– Beans
– Broccoli
– Cabbage
– Cauliflower
– Carrots
– Prunes
– Apricots
– Apples
– Salty Soups
– Artificial Sweeteners

Anti-Bloat Foods

If you’re feeling a little bloated, you can mix in some of these foods to help with the problem.

– Cucumbers
– Bananas
– Asparagus
– Yogurt
– Ginger
– Chamomile Tea

Sample Meal Plan

8am – Breakfast (Eggs, Banana)
12pm – Lunch (Skinless chicken, steamed vegetables)
3pm – Snack (Protein bar/shake + almonds)
6pm – Dinner (Fish, asparagus)
8pm – Final Meal (Greek yogurt + Popsicle)

With most of your meals you’ll want to have two parts protein, and one part vegetable/fruit/fiber source.

So if you’re budgeting 300 calories for a particular meal, you’d want to have 200 calories coming from protein and the other 100 from vegetables or fruit.

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Cardio, cardio, cardio!

Yeah, I know, that isn’t what you wanted to hear. Efficiency is the goal right now, and that means you want to choose activities that yield the greatest return in the shortest amount of time. And that means…


You don’t have to exercise every single day, just 2-3 days (20-30 minutes each) of cardio per week is more than enough. But if you’re going to do something, make it count. Make sure your heart is pounding, sweat is dripping, and you’re short of breath.

Doing something “active” isn’t going to be good enough. Is a leisurely walk in the park exercise? Yup, but it’s not really going to do enough to make a difference in the next 30 days.

Do this instead:

– Jog/Sprint Intervals (jog for two minutes, sprint for 20 seconds — repeat)
– Shadow boxing (just try it. it’s a lot of fun)
– Kickboxing (who doesn’t like to beat the crap out of stuff?)
– Cycling (on the road or in a gym)
– Learn a new dance routine (lots on youtube)

Shadow Boxing Routine (huge calorie burn)

Shrink Your Tummy

The goal isn’t necessarily to lose weight, it’s to lose size. Getting your belly a little flatter is at the top of the list.

When you think of a flatter, smaller stomach what comes to your mind? Sit-ups, right? That’s what everyone says.

Sit-ups, crunches, side bends, twists, or whatever you want to call them do strengthen your core. And it does make your belly smaller when you contract the abs, but who does that all day?

No one walks around flexing their abs to make their stomach flatter, haha. There is an exercise you can do that makes your belly flatter when you’re in a resting position. Meaning, it sucks in your belly when you aren’t flexing your abs.

Have you ever seen one of those gigantic bodybuilder dudes, with massive legs and shoulders and tiny waists? That isn’t pure genetics that makes them look like that. They do a specific exercise to shrink the size of their waist.

And you can do it to!

It’s not hard, and it only takes five minutes per day. But you have to do it consistently for it to matter. You can’t do it once and expect your waistline to shrink.

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