How To Do More Push-Ups

how to do more push-ups

Whether it’s for a fitness test, or just a personal goal, trying to increase your push-up total can get a little frustrating. If you’ve hit a plateau, or you feel stuck doing low reps, here’s how to do more push-ups and a few common mistakes to avoid.

Push-Up Training Tips

The fastest way to increase your push-up total isn’t through weight training, or more workout sessions. It’s by cleaning up your push-up form. It seems like such a simple movement, but poor form creates an inefficient transfer of power and energy.

If you have major form errors, correcting them can increase your push up total by up to 30%, with a few simple adjustments.

Push-Up Form

– Straight Back (no arch)
– Tense your abs and lower body
– Don’t sag or drop your hips
– Use a full range of motion. All the way up, all the way down.

Hand Position

You want your hands to be slightly wider than your shoulders. When your hands are too close to your body, it places greater emphasis on the tricep which can fatigue quickly. If they’re too wide, it places too much stress on your shoulders and can force your elbows to flare out.

Train Past Failure

To increase your push up total, you need to increase both muscle strength and muscle endurance. Someone can be really strong, but struggle with a push up test because they haven’t incorporated enough endurance training.

You need to train past the point of failure. When your muscles have fatigued, and you can’t complete a full range of motion push-up you need to keep going.

To train past failure with push-ups you can:

Drop your knees to the ground
Half reps
Quarter reps
Pause reps

Don’t Train Every Day

If you’re training to failure, and doing multiple sets of push-ups, your body will need more than 24 hours to recover. Continuing to train while your muscles are fatigued, will prove to be inefficient and frustrating.

Allowing your upper body to fully recover before the next push-up workout, will help achieve consistent strength gains while limiting the risk of injury.


Beginner Push Up Training

Advanced Push Up Training

Explosive Push Ups

Advanced Variations

Push Up Workout – Austin Dunham

This is a pretty interesting workout routine Austin Dunham used to double his push-up max. It uses four different push-up variations spread throughout the day. Instead of one long push-up workout, it requires one push-up set done every four hours.

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how to do more push-ups

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