How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

Boost testosterone naturally

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Written by – While it’s true testosterone production will decline as you age, it shouldn’t feel like a switch has been turned off. A gradual decline is very normal, but an abrupt change in physical or emotional wellness is not. If you think you have low testosterone, or you simply want some ways to boost your production, here’s how to boost testosterone naturally.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

– Decreased sex drive
– Erectile dysfunction
– Increased body fat
– Loss of muscle mass or strength
– Increased fatigue
– Depression

Get More Sleep

You may feel normal with less than eight hours of sleep, and from a production stand-point, this may be true but there’s a correlation between sleep and testosterone.

How important is sleep?

Getting only 4-5 hours of sleep a night can drop you into a testosterone deficiency. While increasing your sleep by only one hour every night can raise your testosterone by as much as 15%.

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Start Resistance Training

People who exercise consistently have higher levels of testosterone than those who don’t. While all exercises are beneficial, resistance training will have the greatest influence on testosterone. This is true across all ages, including the elderly.

Resistance training will boost testosterone naturally for several hours after your workout, but it isn’t a permanent increase. Weight training once a month won’t make a noticeable difference, but training three to four times per week will.

Reduce Stress

Stress is often associated with heart health, and general wellness but it also has a direct influence on your testosterone levels. Cortisol, the hormone increased during times of stress, can block the effects of testosterone.

Why are stress and cortisol so influential to testosterone?

Hormones can trigger and influence very primal responses. Cortisol is the flight or fight hormone. Meaning when this hormone is high you’re more likely to run to safety. When testosterone is high, your aggression is elevated and you’re more interested in staying to fight.

If a wild tiger is racing towards you, you don’t want your testosterone calling the shots. You want that cortisol to tell you to run.

You may not be face to face with many flesh eating zoo animals, but if your stress levels are high and cortisol is elevated, it can negate the effects of testosterone pretty easily.

It’s kind of its job.

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Lose A Few Pounds

Diabetes and obesity present a number of health issues including high blood pressure and heart disease. But the accumulation of excess body fat will also have a direct influence on your testosterone. We often think of fat as this slab of meat that doesn’t do anything other than make us feel bad.

But every part of your body, including your fat, plays a daily role and essentially has a “job”. One thing your fat will do is secrete an enzyme called aromatase  that converts testosterone to estrogen.

The more body fat (adipose tissue) you have, the more of this enzyme will be produced and the lower your testosterone levels will be.

Food & Supplements

Diets and calorie restriction are common practices to lose unwanted weight but it can also disrupt the balance needed to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Balance is key, with a steady dose of protein, carbs and healthy fat needed to have optimal production.

If you’re on a diet that restricts a specific calorie source, it will can negatively influence testosterone production or effectiveness.

Supplements to help boost testosterone naturally:

– Vitamin D
– Tribulus Terrestris
– Ginger
– Zinc
– DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

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Boost testosterone naturally

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