How Does Atkins Work?

How does atkins work

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Low carb diets are one of the more effective ways to lose weight with Atkins being the most popular variation. But does Atkins work, and should you try it?

Atkins intends to influence your primary energy source by restricting carbohydrates and influencing your body to utilize more stored body fat for energy.

The important distinction between Atkins and other no carb diets is the increase in carb consumption as the diet progresses.

While most low carb diets try to keep you below a specified carb threshold for the duration of your diet, Atkins actually increases your carb total over the course of three different phases.

Here’s how the different Atkins phases work and what you can expect.

Phase One

Induction. Your diet consists mostly of high protein sources with very few carbs.

The first phase is by far the most restrictive and what most people often associate with Atkins. The initial phase usually lasts about six weeks and tries to keep your daily carb total below 20 grams.

Although most people find the induction phase to be the most challenging it’s also where people lose the most weight.

People who have never tried Atkins often believe this is the only phase, and you stay on an ultra strict carb count for the entire diet which is not true.

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Phase Two

Re-introduction of good carbs.

Unlike most low carb diets, that keep you on a perpetual low carb count, Atkins has the intent of transitioning you back to more carb consumption in the later phases. Although many associate Atkins with no carbs, it’s not entirely accurate.

The later phases have dozens of allowed carb sources you’re encouraged to eat.

Here’s why it’s a good idea to re-introduce carbs:

Long term zero carb diets are unsustainable, resulting in failure and overeating.
Once you’ve reached your target weight you won’t need to restrict all carbs sources.
You’ll be happier and healthier once you re-introduce certain carbohydrates.

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Phase Three

Transition to long term weight management.

The Atkins philosophy isn’t based on the notion that meat is good and carbs are bad. The goal of Atkins isn’t to completely banish all carbs from your meals for the rest of your life. It’s to help you reach your ideal weight and maintain that weight for the foreseeable future.

The final phase is purely long term maintenance to help you find you personal “carb equilibrium”. This is the number of carbs you can eat each day without regaining weight.

The first two phases helps you shed unwanted weight, and final phase is intended to help you keep it off.

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How does atkins work

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