How Do Low Carb Diets Work?

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do low carb diets work


If you’ve heard or read about the success of the most popular diets, like Atkins, you may be tempted to try this diet but not know what to expect.

So how do low carb diets work? What can you eat and how much will you lose?

Low Carb Diet Theory

Low carb diets have gained wide spread popularity in the past few years, but it’s not a new concept. Atkins, paleo, and the caveman variants all give popular slogans and catchy names but they all try to accomplish the thing:

Influence your body to burn through body fat

So how does that happen. The concept is actually very simple.

1) Your body needs energy
2) You body either uses energy from food or your stored fat
3) If you eliminate food as an energy source, your body burns fat

Your body needs energy to function, it’s an undisputed law of biology. It has to get the energy it needs from somewhere. If it doesn’t get the energy from carbs it will then break down body fat for the energy it needs.

While on this diet your body will get some energy from the fats you eat, but it won’t be enough and the process of breaking down body fat accelerates.

Types Of Food You Can Eat

Meat, meat and more meat! And maybe some dairy. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much it if you’re trying to get as close to zero carbs per day as possible.

If you’re not as strict you can throw in some vegetables, and some of the low carb products that are flooding the market. That’s why the “name brand” diets have become so successful. Not because the concept is new or never been tried. It’s the products they offer to make the no carb diet easier to manage.

Atkins and paleo, for example, have low carb breads and grains that make the diet more bearable. If you’re a bread and rice person who finds it impossible to go an entire day without these foods, then a low carb diet might not be for you.

If that’s the case you may want to try a carb cycling diet instead.

How Much Weight Will You Lose

The first three weeks of a low carb diet will yield the greatest rewards because your body isn’t used to the lack of resources. As the weeks progress your body will begin to adapt and your weight will normalize, resulting in fewer pounds lost.

On a strict no carb diet, it’s not uncommon to lose 5-7 pounds per week for the first two or three weeks. To continue losing body fat after this initial diet phase you’ll need to re-adjust your total calories or increase your exercise level.

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