Hotel Room Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Hotel room workout you can do anywhere

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Some habits are hard to start, but easy to break. An unfortunate result of traveling, and spending time in a hotel room, is it can undo a steady exercise habit. If you’re on the road, you can keep your fitness goals on track with a hotel room workout that’s quick and effective.

It’s tailored to address limited equipment, lack of space, and a busy schedule.

Hotel Room Workout Tips

Full Body Training

When you’re in a gym, or working out at home, you’re afforded the luxury of isolating specific muscle groups throughout the week. Legs one day, arms and chest the next. If you’re using a hotel room workout, however, you may want to limit your sessions to full body routines.

When traveling, you’re more likely to miss or skip workout days because of scheduling or a lack of free time. Utilizing a full body workout that combines strength and cardio training will be the most efficient use of your limited time.

No Equipment Workouts

If you’re traveling, and on the road, you’re unlikely to have much equipment with you. Maybe a light pair of dumbbells, or some resistance bands, but not much else.

This makes no equipment workouts ideal for when you’re in a hotel room. All you need is a few feet of clear space and a stable chair. The chair allows you to do some bench dips, elevate your feet for a few push ups, and help maintain balance for leg work.


If you opt for a full body workout, a twenty minute session every three days is all you really need to keep pace with your fitness goals.

Below is a quick list of the best hotel room workouts you can do almost anywhere.

Hotel Room Workout List

Workout #1 – The Betty Rocker

Workout #2 – The Body Coach TV

#3 – Eye See Digital

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