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Ringing in ear

by Healthoria.com – You aren’t going crazy. The sounds (ringing) you hear are real, even if you’re the only one hearing them. The National Institute On Deafness estimates 10% of the U.S. population will experience some form of Tinnitus in their lifetime.

Living with Tinnitus has shown to cause depression, anxiety, and in worse case scenarios it will cause hallucinations. All of those conditions actually contribute to the sounds you’re hearing. It’s like a never ending cycle of frustration and agony.

If you’re not interested in a costly surgical procedure, or maybe you’ve tried one without success, you can treat the problem with a Tinnitus home remedy.

Here’s the best home remedy for ringing in ears.

What Causes Tinnitus

Even though the source of your problem is audible, with what you hear, your focus needs to be on a total systemic well being. Often, there is nothing wrong with your ear or hearing. The “ringing” you hear is not coming from an outside source for everyone to hear.

It’s actually an internal misinterpretation by your brain that triggers these sounds. Tinnitus is like a linking of events with a sound file your brain has stored in memory.

When an event occurs, your brain plays a sound (ringing) it has wrongly attached to that event. These events can take the form of memories, smells, even emotions.

The goal then becomes to unlink that association.

Tinnitus Home Remedy

Because the source of Tinnitus has yet to be specifically identified by science and research it’s best to use a synergistic approach. We can’t pinpoint the exact cause for every case, so you’re better served addressing the source of what’s known to contribute to Tinnitus.

It’s often the combination of treatments that will yield the best results.

If you have food allergies this can contribute to the problem. It’s also recommended you maintain a healthy, well balanced diet while trying to identify the source of your Tinnitus.

Because Tinnitus is related to brain health and function, how you feel plays a large role in what you’re hearing. Stress, anxiety, depression, and anger have shown the ability to increase the intensity of the ringing you hear.

As of yet there isn’t a “magic pill” developed to treat Tinnitus. There are, however, some over the counter supplements you can take to help with blood flow to the brain and ear that has helped many with the ringing.

Supplements For Tinnitus:

– Gingko Biloba
– Coffee Cruda
– Goldenseal Hydrastus
– Black Cohosh

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Ringing In Ears

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