Hip Hop Dance Workout That Burns A Ton Of Calories

Hip hop dance workout

While some workouts, like HIIT, are incredibly effective they just aren’t much fun.  When you dread doing cardio, and hate going to the gym to do it, the more likely you are to quit.  A dance workout burns a ton of calories and, just as important, you have fun doing it.

Why You Should Try Dance Cardio

You’ll Have Fun

Let’s be honest. Most workouts feel like… well, work. One of the worst things that can happen to your fitness goal is to pursue an activity you don’t enjoy and feel obligated to continue.

Dance is a little different, because most don’t even consider it exercise. It’s an activity with overwhelmingly positive associations.

When do you dance? At celebrations and parties. Your brain is already wired to like what you’re about to do.

Try not to smile as you get ready to start this workout. I double dare you.

It Burns A Lot Of Calories

Although most don’t consider dancing to be exercise, when done for extended periods of time, it can be comparable to most cardio workouts.

Here’s how many calories you can expect to burn while dancing according to Fitness Blender:

Hip-Hop: 370-610 per hour

Salsa: 400-480 per hour

Swing: 300-550 per hour

Ballet: 380-450 per hour

The higher your current bodyweight, the more calories you can expect to burn while dancing. So, someone weighing 180 pounds will burn more calories than someone weighing 110 pounds.

Easy To Get Started

You probably already have everything you need to get started with a dance workout. Unlike other forms of exercise, there isn’t special equipment you’ll need to buy.

No dumbbells, resistance bands, or floor mats needed.

You won’t feel the need buy a special outfit, either. As many do when starting something like yoga. All you need is loose, comfortable clothes and a good pair of sneakers.

Here’s a dance workout list you should give a try.  There’s a few workouts for beginners and a couple of advanced routines.  

Dance Workout List

Workout #1 – Natalie Jill Fitness

Workout #2 – Danielle Peazer

#3 – Icon UK

#4 – POPSUGAR Fitness

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