Glycemic Index Food List – Fruits & Vegetables

by – The glycemic index (GI) of food has proven to be a useful tool for managing specific diseases like diabetes and heart disease and is also a popular form of weight management. If you’re on a glycemic index diet, or thinking of starting, here’s glycemic index food list of the most common fruits and vegetables.

If you’re already a GI vet, you can skip the quick explanation of how the index is used.

About The Glycemic Index

The glycemic index is used to determine the quality of a specific food, and how it is likely to influence your blood sugar level. High glycemic foods will digest and raise blood sugar more quickly than low glycemic index foods.

Low GI = 0-55
Medium GI = 56-69
High GI = 70-100

How To Use The GI

The glycemic index value is used as a variable to determine the glycemic load. This will give you an estimate of how food will raise blood glucose levels. The GI is used to determine the quality of food, and the glycemic load uses the quantity of carbs in your food serving.

Here’s the glycemic load formula:

Multiply the glycemic index value with the grams of carbohydrates in your food serving and then divide by 100.

Example with eating an apple:

(GI x Grams Carbs) / 100
(38 x 25 g) / 100 = Glycemic load of 9

Low Glycemic Load = 0-10
Medium Glycemic Load = 11-19
High Glycemic Load = 20 and higher

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Vegetables (GI)

Artichokes (0)
Avocado (0)
Broccoli (0)
Cabbage (0)
Cauliflower (0)
Celery (0)
Cucumber (0)
Green Beans (0)
Lettuce (0)
Spinach (0)
Squash (0)

Beets (64)
Corn (47)
Carrot, raw (92)
Parsnip (97)
Peas (48)
Potato (104)
Sweet Potato (54)
Tomato (38)
Yam (51)

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Fruit (GI)

Apple (38)
Apple Juice (41)
Apricots, raw (34)
Apricots, dried (30)
Banana, raw (48)
Cantaloupe (65)
Cherries (25)
Grapes (43)
Grapefruit (25)
Kiwi (58)
Mango (51)
Orange (45)
Orange Juice (50)
Peaches (28)
Pear, raw (38)
Pear, canned (44)
Pineapple (59)
Plums (24)
Prunes (29)
Raisins (64)
Strawberries (40)
Watermelon (76)

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