Glute Workout For A Rounder Butt

Glute workout
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You don’t need to hoist a 200 pound barbell on your shoulders to reshape your backside. What you do need is a targeted routine, and glute workout, designed specifically for a rounder butt.

How To Build Rounder Glutes

Even if you have the softest, flattest, and squishiest rear known to man you can still get a rounder butt. How is this possible? Because the glutes are a muscle that grows with specific exercises.

Yeah, squats are on the list and one of the more effective exercises. But you don’t need a gym, and hundreds of pounds of weight to get good results.


Your glutes, like any other muscle group, will add new muscle tissue with weighted resistance. This can be in the form of dumbbells, barbells, or just your own body weight.


If you’re sore after a workout, it means you did enough to cause microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. This is good! It means your body will repair the damage while you’re sleeping and add new muscle mass to prevent further damage.

It’s this new muscle tissue that creates the roundness.

Here’s the best glute workout you can do at home, and some glute exercises to get a rounder and better toned butt.

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Glute Workout & Exercises

Workout #1

Workout #2



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