How To Get A V-Shaped Back

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by – Some people have very specific fitness goals. Some focus their workouts on getting larger biceps, or thicker quads, and some just want obscenely broad shoulders.

One of the more common, and visually pleasing, aesthetic goals is to have a v-shaped back. The tapered lines are flattering to other muscle groups, and you look like you’re sculpted from granite.

If having a v-shaped back is one of your fitness goals, here’s some of the best back workouts to get you there.

Tips For Getting A V-Shaped Back

Shoulder Width

The v-taper is commonly associated with the appearance of your back, but the top of the v-shape starts at your shoulders. The wider your shoulders are, the more pronounced the v-shape will be. You want width, which means the side deltoids.

Lat Width

There are lots of different exercises for your back but most can be grouped into building thickness, or building width. Exercises like barbell rows are great for building thickness, but not width. Exercises like lat pulldowns are what help create width and the v-shape.

Limit Oblique Work

You want the top of the v-shape to be as wide as possible and the bottom to be as narrow as possible. Having a small waist has a lot to do with genetics, but most people are able to make their waist wider with targeted oblique exercises.

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V-Shaped Back Workouts

Workout #1

Workout #2

Workout #3

Workout #4

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