Get Thinner Arms Without Building Muscle

how to get thinner arms

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by – Having noticeable muscles is attractive to some, but many women would prefer a more natural look without any bulk. So how do you get thinner arms without adding new muscle? You have to stick to food and activities that will get you lean without the bulk.

Cardio To Burn Fat

If you can feel your heart pumping you know you’re churning through body fat. If you aren’t short of breath, and a little tired you may be burning a few calories but probably not enough for a noticeable loss of body fat.

Exercising is best viewed from a cumulative point of view. The work you put in today won’t really be tangible for several weeks. But it does add up.

You can’t run on a treadmill for 20 minutes then head off to the mirror to see the fruits of your labor, but they will come. A few weeks of consistently exercising for 20-30 minutes each day will be noticeable by everyone.

Excellent Fat Burning Exercises

Power Walking
Hiking (At an incline)

Avoid Resistance Training

If your primary concern is to avoid building muscle mass you’ll want to avoid exercises and activities designed to yield those results. Any type of resistance training, with weights, or just your own body weight will build new muscle tissue with continuous stress over time.

To build new muscle mass you would lift heavy weights while consuming a daily calorie surplus. This is a typical weight gainer routine bodybuilders use to add muscle mass.

If you do the opposite it will be near impossible to get bulky.

If you’re on a calorie restrictive diet, consuming fewer calories than your body needs, and avoiding resistance training your body won’t have the resources to add bulky muscle.

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Calorie Restriction & Content

When it comes to diet there are two major concepts you’ll need to address to start losing fat on your arms as well as the rest of your body.

Calorie Total

Losing fat is not a complicated process, but it’s not going to be an exact science for most people. It’s just not realistic to count every calorie, nutrient and vitamin that goes into your meals each day.

It’s important, however, to be in the right calorie range and not drastically underestimate how much you’re eating. When it comes to calorie restriction misjudging your daily calories by 100-200 each day is enough to prevent weight loss.

To begin a consistent fat loss program, you’ll want to start by lowering you current daily intake by 200-400 calories each day. Don’t make the mistake of slashing your current diet by half. It’s unrealistic and unsustainable.

Calorie Content

After finding your target calorie total to influence fat loss you’ll want to make food adjustments to help achieve your goals.

Eat More Of This:

– Protein (Chicken, Turkey, Lean Beef)
– Whole Wheat Foods
– Oatmeal
– Almonds
– Vegetables

Eat Less Of This

– Cheese
– Cereals
– Pastries
– Potatoes
– Sweets (Candy, Cake, Ice Cream)

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