Full Body Workout For Fat Loss

Full body workout

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A full body workout can be a fun, and efficient, way to burn tons of calories. Instead of separating your workouts into 2-3 muscle groups 4-5 times per week, you can hit all major muscle groups with only a few weekly routines.

Here’s how to get the most out of a full body workout.

How To Make Workouts More Effective

The amount of body fat you’re able to lose with a full body workout will depend on three very important elements. When you optimize all three elements, you can burn body fat with a high rate of efficiency.

Workout Intensity

Burning calories, and body fat, is linked to your heart rate. A leisurely pace may be easier to complete, but at the cost of effectiveness. Studies have shown high intensity interval training can dramatically increase calories burned in a very short workout (as little as 4 minutes).

Workout Length

When you combine workout intensity with workout length is when the magic happens. You don’t need to punish yourself with a grueling 60 minute workout to see great results. A 15-20 minute, high intensity workout is all most people will need.

Workout Frequency

The last element of burning body fat will be how often you complete a full body workout. When you’re exercising all major muscle groups, at a very high intensity, it isn’t something you’ll want to do everyday.

A 15 minute, high intensity workout, 2-3 per week is the sweet spot for losing body fat efficiently.

Full Body Workout List

Workout #1

Workout #2


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Full body workout

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