Full Body Resistance Band Workout For Toning

Resistance band full body workout

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If you’re looking for a quick and efficient toning workout, don’t underestimate the value of resistance band training.  It allows you to combine strength, cardio, and flexibility into one workout session. Here’s a full body resistance band workout list you should add to your to-do list.

Resistance Band Workout Tips


Resistance bands aren’t associated with high intensity workouts, but you’ll want to avoid making your exercises too easy.  A leisurely workout may be easier to get through, but it will also limit your results.

You can increase the intensity of resistance band workouts by increasing the band strength, or by supersetting your bands.  Choose two band resistance levels, and when you reach fatigue immediately switch to a lighter band to squeeze out a few more repetitions.


Resistance bands, and loops, are ideal for toning because it allows you to combine cardio and resistance training in one workout.  When choosing the band strength for each exercise you’ll want to keep the following goals in mind:

To get stronger:  6-8 reps
Build muscle: 10-12 repetitions
Toning: 15-20 repetitions

When it comes to resistance training more repetitions isn’t always better.  It’s possible to choose a band resistance that allows you to complete 30-40 repetitions, but it can result in joint pain and inflammation if done too frequently.

Rest Periods

Much like repetitions, the rest period you use between exercises is an important fitness variable.  Shorter rest periods will keep your heart rate elevated to help burn calories and help with toning. While longer rest periods (90-120 seconds) are ideal for strength training workouts, but burn fewer calories.

Full Body Workout List

Workout #1 – GymRa

Workout #2 – The Live Fit Girl

#3 – HASfit

#4 – Trifecta Pilates

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