Diabetic Diet Food List – What You Can Eat

diabetic diet food list

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by Healthoria.com – Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease, results in a lack of production or the inefficient use of insulin. You’ll be asked to follow a diabetic diet food list to better use the insulin your body is producing, while also trying to maintain a healthy blood glucose level.

Diet Philosophy

Blood sugar is heavily influenced by the food choices you make. The diabetic diet eliminates many fast digesting foods that can spike your glucose levels. This includes most simple carbohydrates loaded with processed sugar like cakes, ice cream, and candies.

You’ll also be asked to significantly reduce the amount of refined grains in your meals. White rice, white bread, and other foods cooked with white flour digest very quickly resulting in elevated blood sugar.

Not A Zero Carb Diet

The list of foods you’re asked to reduce or eliminate is comprised mostly of carbohydrates, but it’s not a zero carb diet. It’s more of a carb swapping diet, where you’re asked to replace fast digesting carbs with slower digesting whole grain carbohydrates.

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Foods You Should Eat

– Fresh Fruit
– Fresh Vegetables
– Brown Rice
– Oat Meal
– Whole Grain Breads
– High Fiber Cereal
– Beans
– Skinless Chicken
– Turkey
– Lean Beef
– Fish
– Eggs
– Greek Yogurt
– Cottage Cheese

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Foods You Should Avoid

In addition to simple carbohydrates you should also reduce your consumption of full-fat dairy products, and saturated fats, as this has shown to increase insulin resistance.

– White Bread
– White Rice
– Whole Milk
– Cream Cheese
– Full-Fat Cheese
– Fatty Cuts Of Meat
– Cookies
– Potato Chips
– Doughnuts
– Fried Foods
– Dried Fruit
– Soda
– Fruit Juice

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Diabetic diet food list

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