Flat Belly Yoga Workout

Flat belly yoga workout

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by Healthoria.com – A lot of people have given up on having a flat belly because they hate sit-ups with an undying passion. The good news is crunches aren’t required to flatten your stomach. And you know what else? Doing hundreds of crunches isn’t even the best way to sculpt your core.

Yoga Planks Vs Crunches

For decades crunches have been widely accepted as mandatory to sculpt your midsection. Want flat abs? Better do hundreds of crunches per day. No pain, no gain. Right?


As tends to happen with blindly accepted bro-science, it’s not the most efficient way to sculpt your core.

Here’s why yoga planks are better for a flat belly:

Greater Muscle Involvement

Crunches are great for isolation, but this also means it’s limited in the range of muscles involved. A crunch can work your rectus abdominis and a little of your obliques, but that’s about it.

A plank will work the following muscles:

Rectus Abdominis
Transvers Abdominis

Bigger Calorie Burn

When people talk about getting abs, what they really want is to SEE their abs. Who cares if you have incredibly muscular abs if it’s hidden by a thick layer of belly fat.

Getting that layer of fat off your abs requires burning lots of calories. The plank burns tons more calories than crunches because of the numerous muscle groups involved in a plank as mentioned above.

Reduced Injury Risk

You don’t really think about getting hurt doing crunches, until it happens. But there’s significantly greater strain on your neck and lower back doing hundreds of crunches compared to doing planks.

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Flat Belly Yoga Workout List

Workout #1

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