Five Ways To Improve Motivation While Dieting

by – Dieting and losing weight isn’t just about calories and exercise. The psychological aspect of determination and motivation are just as important as the food you choose.

If you’re struggling with diet motivation, or discipline, here’s five ways you can improve motivation while dieting and avoid ruining your diet goals.

Set Specific Goals

When your goals are more defined, you’re more likely to follow through and succeed. It’s often just a different way to phrase the same goal that helps your mind interpret your intentions. The more clear the finish line, the easier it is for your mind to stay motivated.

Good Goal: I want to lose two inches off my waist, in three months.

Bad Goal: I want to lose some weight.

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Visualize The Result

Once you have your goal well defined, make a daily habit to visualize your goal. Close your eyes and take 30-60 seconds to see a different you. Your clothes fit better, your waist is smaller, you have more energy. You look in the mirror, and you’re – happy.

When you let your mind embrace this visualization, it improves your motivation to make it become true. It isn’t just wishful thinking, either. It’s a common practice of many professional athletes. Many will close their eyes and mentally play an entire game to improve focus and determination.

What’s even more interesting, is they visualize mistakes and what they’ll do to overcome setbacks. When something does go wrong, they’re already mentally prepared to take the right action.

Create Accountability

One amazing little habit, that can be the difference between succeeding and failing is by creating accountability. You can do this by sharing your goals, and audibly committing to your plan, with those you trust.

Or you can simply create a journal, and track your daily progress to help establish accountability. It’s the act of writing it down, and creating a concrete record that matters. So having a mental journal doesn’t count.

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Use A Realistic Plan

Dieting is hard work. You have to avoid food you truly enjoy, and stay motivated in the gym. One of the best ways to maintain your discipline is to implement a doable plan. That sounds pretty obvious, but one of the primary reasons for quitting a diet is because it’s too hard, or unpleasant.

Don’t create an unrealistic goal, you’re unlikely to complete. Slashing your diet to the bare minimum of daily calories is the fastest way to lose weight, but it’s also the fastest way to end up quitting.

Use Peer Pressure

We’re all familiar with peer pressure within a negative context. Often related to drinking, or making poor decisions. But peer pressure can also work to your benefit if you have a positive goal, and you’re surrounded by the right people.

If you have a group of friends, all with a similar goal, you can help each other stay on track and maintain diet discipline. It becomes a group mentality, and you don’t want to let your diet buddies down. If you don’t have a friend on a similar diet, you can join an online community or forum to find needed support.

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