Five Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Everyday

by – Like most humans, I can only imagine what it’s like to have a fast metabolism. Eating whatever you want — pizza, cake, ice cream — without worrying about inflating your ass. Sounds amazing.

If you aren’t among the lucky few with a blazing metabolism that keeps you unnaturally thin, there’s some changes you can make to help your metabolism burn extra calories each and every day.

The following tips are simple, proven ways to boost your metabolism.

Get In The Right Calorie Range

Everyone knows eating too many calories, on a consistent basis, will lead to weight gain. It’s simple math. What most don’t consider is the effect of under eating for prolonged periods of time. If you’re on a short diet, you’re unlikely to notice the consequences.

But if you decide to adopt an extremely calorie restrictive diet for several months, it has a dramatically negative effect on your metabolism.

Have you ever seen someone who’s skinny but still has a lot of body fat? Yeah, the skinny fat syndrome. That’s the result of eating low enough calories to have a low body weight, but you’re metabolism is likely crawling and unable to burn off the remaining fat.

You want to stay in the proper calorie range to lose weight, without causing negative side effects to your metabolism.

Here’s a good calorie calculator to get in the right calorie range.

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Eat More Frequently

Every time you eat your metabolism increases as a result of digestion, and the interaction with the food you’re eating. It’s not a massive boost like revving a car engine. It’s a slow build that compounds when you eat smaller, more frequent, meals.

If you’re consuming all your calories in three rather large meals, the benefits are negligible. But if you can spread your calories more efficiently throughout the day, it becomes more helpful. That’s why most athletes and fitness professionals eat 6-8 small meals each day.

It’s a more efficient way to consume and utilize calories while giving your metabolism a boost.


Exercise is often viewed as a direct way to burn off excess body fat. This is absolutely true. Cardiovascular exercise, like running, has a direct influence on body fat. But it also has an indirect, and incredibly influential, impact as well.

Studies have shown an increase in metabolism several hours after you have finished exercising. Meaning you continue to burn extra calories after you stop exercising.

If you can get your heart pumping with 20-30 minutes of cardio, it can help boost your metabolism and burn extra calories later in the day.

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Eat More Of This

– Lean Protein
– Chili Powder/Peppers
– Olive Oil
– Dark Chocolate
– Beans
– Spinach

Drink More Of This

– Coffee/Caffeine
– Green Tea
– Cold Water

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