Five Habits That Are Making You Unhappy

Habits making you unhappy

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by – When you’re sad, unhappy, or depressed there’s always an underlying habit near the source. Often, you can’t see the habit or don’t realize it’s there.

Here’s the five most common habits that are making you unhappy.

Trying To Be Perfect

People can sometimes misinterpret goals and ambition. There’s a huge difference between having big goals and aiming high, and needing to achieve perfection. Big goals can propel you forward, and provide a drive and passion to achieve amazing things.

Needing to be perfect isn’t a goal or an achievement. It’s an obsession that can trap people into constant failure. You can’t win at needing to be perfect. You’ll never win.

Surrounding Yourself With Negative People

Negative energy, sentiments, and comments from the people closest to you can shape your view of the world. If you’re surrounded by a bunch of Debbie-downers, guess what? You’re going to feel like someone just shot your puppy — all the time.

There are friends and acquaintances you can choose to spend less time with, and there are other more important people you’ll want to have a talk with. You can’t tell your Mom, or your Aunt May that they suck at life and are depressing the hell out of you.

Most people are actually surprised about their negative point of view. If you approach the subject with a thoughtful, well intended conversation it can lead to more positive behavior and outlook for your entire family.

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Living In The Past

It’s true, life was better and, in many ways, easier for most people when they were younger. You had freedom, care free friends, no boss stressing you out. Or maybe you experienced short lived success you’re having trouble recapturing.

The past may have been good to you, but it’s robbing you of your happiness. Right, now. Today.

Comparing Your Life To Someone Else

Nothing will make you feel more depressed about what you have, then seeing someone else with something nicer or more expensive. It’s become part of our culture and, for many people, how we measure success and happiness.

You may not be able to buy that Ferrari, today or tomorrow. But there are things you can do to make yourself far richer than you could imagine. It costs zero dollars to improve the relationships with the people closest to you.

Year after year, when affluent people are asked what makes them happiest, it’s not money or belongings that matter most. It’s their relationships that top the list.

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Your Focus Is On The Negative

Some people can see the silver lining when something goes wrong, crack a joke, and shake it off like nothing even happened. While others can only see the shit stain of life in every tiny problem that happens to anyone.

Your mood and perspective, colors how you see the world. Choose to be happier. Choose to view the world through a happier, more positive, lens.

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Habits making you unhappy

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