Female Athletes Who Are Muscular AND Feminine

muscular female athletes

Image Credit: Scott Webb / Pexels

Many women shy away from weight lifting or certain body weight training, because they don’t want to look like a linbacker with gigantic shoulders. The truth is most women won’t be able to develop tremendous muslce mass even if they wanted to.

It’s actually quite difficult for most women to naturally add excessive amounts of muscle mass. You would need to introduce specific hormones through injections, to be as big as a linebacker.

So what happens when you start weight training without using growth hormones?

You look like the ladies below. Sexy, well toned, and undeniably feminine.

Michelle Waterson – MMA

Age: 30
Weight: 115

Paige Van Zant – MMA

Age: 22
Weight: 115

Alex Morgan – Soccer

Age: 27
Weight: 137

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Aly Raisman – Gymnastics

Age: 22
Weight: 115

Misty Copeland – Ballet

Age: 34
Weight: 110

Danica Patrick – Auto Racing

Age: 34
Weight: 100

Brooke Ence – Crossfit

Age: 27
Weight: 152

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