Exercises To Lose Arm Fat – Here’s What You Should Do

exercises to lose arm fat

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Written by Healthoria.com – One of the more common trouble areas, for both men and women, is with arm fat. It can make you self conscious enough to never wear a short sleeve shirt, even if it’s the middle of summer.

The key to seeing the fastest and most significant changes is to incorporate more exercises to lose arm fat, along with some very simple diet changes.

Here’s what you should do.

Changing Your Diet

Before getting to the list of exercises, a little should be said about diet content and some fundamental rules. It’s entirely possible to lose arm fat without making drastic changes to your diet, but it’s less efficient and will take much longer to achieve a noticeable difference.

Rule #1 – Don’t Starve Yourself

You lose weight when you starve yourself, but a lot of that weight ends up being muscle mass. On the surface, you lose weight, but losing muscle mass reduces your metabolic rate and will slow the loss of subsequent body fat.

Rule #2 – Make Sure Your Diet Is Sustainable

Crash diets do actually work if you can follow them. And that’s kind of the problem with most fad and crash diets. You can’t follow them for more than a few days. If you aren’t sure which diet best suits your personal lifestyle, and eating habits, here’s a list of the most effective fat loss diets.

Rule #3 – You Have To Create A Deficit

Every diet is a little different, but the one thing they all have in common is the need to create a calorie deficit. A minimum deficit of 15% of your daily calorie total is usually needed to start losing body fat.

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Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat

Bench Dips

Bench dips are great for working the back of your arms, shoulders, and upper chest. You don’t need exercise equipment, or dumbbells. You can use a chair pushed up against a wall for stability and do these anywhere.

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

Diamond Pushups

Underhand Pull-ups (Or Lat Machine)

Best Workouts For Your Arms

Beginner (12 min)

Advanced (19 min)

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Best exercises to lose arm fat

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