Exercises That Burn The Most Fat

exercises that burn the most fat

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If you’re strapped for time, because of work, home or just life in general you’ll want to incorporate the most efficient exercises to make the most out of a short workout. Here’s a quick rundown of the absolute best exercises that burn the most fat.


I’m not recommending you go out and get a concussion. You don’t have to start competitive boxing to get a good workout. You can get an intense calorie burn through punching a heavy bag or shadow boxing.

Shadow boxing, on the surface, seems incredibly easy. After all, you’re just punching the air, right? It takes a good ten minutes to start to feel the lactic acid in your shoulders but the reality of how many calories you’re burning is evident as you pant, short of breath.

Don’t make the mistake of “kind of boxing”. There’s little benefit in a half-hearted flailing of arms. Get into a grove, and punch like there’s someone in front of you deserving to be at the business end of your fists.

Work just like the pros do. Jab, hook, cross and dip for three straight minutes then take a two minute break and repeat.

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Jumping Rope

Did you giggle a little? Really? Let me introduce you to one of the most effective fat burning exercises. I’m not talking about skipping around with a rainbow rope while singing ring-around-the-rosie. No, this is the grown up version of jump rope.

Answer one question before dismissing this time tested fat burner that many professional athletes use:

When was the last time you tried to jump rope for 20 minutes straight?

What you remember as a kid, was the fun and the laughing associated with a child’s game. The grown up version, a twenty minute session, involves a lot of sweat, burning lungs and a ton of calories burned.

Give it a try and you’ll see the challenge of trying to jump rope for even five consecutive minutes. It isn’t just a test of coordination. It will test your endurance and willingness to push through the pain of tired legs.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is more of a philosophy that can be incorporated into many different exercises. Whether it be running on a track or treadmill, or plyometric type exercises.

HIIT involves short bursts of high pace, high intensity activity followed by a slower pace. You repeat this cycle until the end of your workout.


If you’re a runner, instead of a steady pace for the duration of your run you’d sprint for 60-90 seconds as fast as you can followed by a jog. You would repeat once you catch your breath.

The calorie burn is super intense, and can dramatically reduce the amount of time you need to exercise because of your pace.

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I’m going to be honest, Crossfit isn’t for everyone but I think you should at least give it a try once in your life. Many people fall in love with it, and swear by the structure there after. While others don’t like the pace or even the culture.

Yeah, there’s a Crossfit culture.

Crossfit is about functional strength and fitness and not necessarily about how you look. The ripped bodies are a by-product and not the goal. So you won’t see anyone doing bodybuilding type exercises in a Crossfit gym that doesn’t improve functional strength.

Does it work? Yeah, it does.

The workouts are generally short, 20-30 minutes, super intense designed to race against yourself. Every time you step into a Crossfit gym your goal is to compete with yourself. Get better, stronger, and faster than you were the week before.

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