Exercises For Toning The Back Of Your Arms

Exercises for toning back of arms

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by Healthoria.com – One of the more common body image issues is the back of the arms. They’re often exposed, and clearly visible for everyone to see, especially in the warmer months. If you have a little more jiggle back there, and you want to tone it up, you’ll want to focus on two different muscle groups. Below is a list of the best exercises for toning the back of your arms.

Tone The Back Of Your Arms

Rear Deltoids

The rear deltoid is the anterior, or back, of the shoulder that connects to the back of the arm. You can stress the back of the shoulder with light dumbbells, and specific pulley movements on a lat machine.


There are three muscle heads comprising the triceps on the back of the arm, which is how it got it’s name. The angle, and position of your hands, influence which muscle head is being stressed.

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Rear Deltoid Exercises

The rear deltoid is not a very big muscle so you don’t have to try and lift heavy with these movements. Just focus on quality reps over quantity of weight moved.

Face Pulls

Standing Lat Pushdown

Rear Dumbbell Later

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Tricep Exercises

Tricep Pushdown (Wide & Close Grip)


Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

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Tone back of arms

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