Exercises For Stronger Legs – 5 Must Do Moves

Exercises for stronger legs

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Improving your lower body strength offers more benefits than just showing off in the gym, or looking good in shorts. Focusing on leg strength can also make daily physical activities easier, and improve endurance. If you want to increase your lower body power, here’s the best exercises for stronger legs.

Quick Tips For Building Stronger Legs

Learn To Love Squats

If you’re not a “squat person” that loves working with a squat rack, the bad news is squats are the foundation of nearly all leg strength workouts. But don’t panic.

The good news is there are dozens of squat variations you can try. Odds are there’s one you’ll really like and use as the foundation of your squat work. You don’t HAVE to use a barbell with tons of weight resting on your shoulders.

But you do need to do squats to get significantly stronger.

Your Glutes Matter

The aesthetics of your glutes get a lot of attention. But there’s more to your glutes then how they look in jeans. Hip thrust will play a role in a lot of lower body exercises, sports, and activities. That power, and hip thrust, involves the glutes to a large degree.

Not only will your legs, and lower body, get much stronger by doing more glute exercises but you’ll also get more shape and roundness back there. And to top it off, the glutes usually respond well to resistance exercises so you’ll start to see results quicker than other muscle groups.

Lift Heavy Once In A While

I mean really test yourself. If you never say to yourself, “I don’t know if I can do this much weight”, you’re not pushing yourself. You don’t need to lift super heavy every week. You don’t even need to do it every month.

But you should be trying to push your strength boundaries. Always use a spotter, and be safe. You might surprise yourself with how much leg power you already have.

Stronger Legs Workout List

Workout #1 – Bodybuiding.com

Workout #2 – Obi Vincent

#3 – Athlean-X

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