Exercise Ball Ab Workout You Need To Try

Exercise ball ab workout

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Everyone wants a tight, well toned core but it’s harder to find someone that actually enjoys doing crunches on the floor. The good news is there are ways to get a tighter stomach without doing traditional sit-ups. If you want a fun routine, give this exercise ball ab workout list a try.

Benefits Of Using An Exercise Ball

Stability & Balance

While there are targeted ab exercises in the workout list below for using an exercise ball, the simple act of just sitting on the ball improves your balance. Unlike sitting on a chair or bench, your core will be forced to actively engage to maintain stability.

Sitting on an exercise ball is a passive way to increase core strength, which can help reduce lower back pain and injuries.

Muscle Variation

Using an exercise ball can help stimulate smaller muscles of the core that traditional crunches don’t activate. An exercise ball ab workout will stimulate the pelvic, abdominal, and lower back muscles as well as lesser used core muscles needed to maintain stability.

It’s Kind Of Fun

Playing around with a large inflated exercise ball will have many positive associations. You may find it more fun to work with an exercise ball that requires you to maintain stability, compared to just doing crunches on the floor.

It’s okay to just sit on the exercise ball and bounce up and down for a while. Everyone does it!

Exercise Ball Ab Workout List

Workout #1 – Runtastic Fitness

Workout #2 – FitnessBlender

#3 – Pamela RF

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Exercise ball ab workout

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