Does P90X Work?

does P90x work

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We’ve all seen the commercials, right? Super ripped guys and gals, smiling like circus freaks, having the time of their lives while exercising. Is it all hype? Does P90X work?

Well, not for everyone. Some people will thrive, lose a ton of body fat and look like superheroes at the end of the program. But there is also a high percentage of people that will fail for different reasons.

Is the program for you? Can you complete 90 days of Tony Horton’s program? Keep reading to find out if you’re likely to pass or fail.

The Good

– Tony Horton keeps things fun
– Incredibly well structured
– Exercise variety keeps you engaged
– Entire 90 day program is mapped out for you step-by-step
– You can workout in the privacy of your home, no gym required
– High quality production and materials

The Bad

– The workouts are hard, err challenging
– Each workout is 60 minutes
– Exercise 5-6 days per week
– The low carb phase leaves you feeling sluggish
– You may need to buy additional equipment (free weights)
– Any prior knee or shoulder injuries will be a major problem

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Who Is Likely To Succeed

If you consider yourself “high discipline”, and like a well detailed plan you’ll thrive with the P90X structure. The program has existed for years and is well refined, offering detailed solutions previous users have encountered.

Your exercise and diet plan are written out for you over the next 90 days telling you what you need to eat and which exercises you need to do each day for the duration of the 90 day program.

Former athletes or very active people will also love P90X because of the challenging workouts and shear variety of exercises on each video.

Who Is Likely To Fail

The workouts included with P90X are considered advanced and not entry level. There’s actually several programs that are a lower tier on the difficulty level offered by Tony Horton.

Because the workouts are so demanding, if you have been inactive for awhile it can be quite shocking the first time you try one of the videos. If you jump in, completely unaware of what the exercises are like, you’re very likely to quit. They’re hard, demanding, and can be intimidating to high intensity beginners.

Difficulty aside, the people most likely to struggle with the program are those with pre-existing injuries to a knee, elbow, or shoulder. You’re asked to exercise 5-6 days per week leaving very little time for an injury to recover between sessions.

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Will You Lose Weight?

Yes. Absolutely, yes.

You’re asked to adopt a very low carb diet (in the initial months), and begin one hour workouts each day that can burn up to 1,000 calories.

If you have the discipline to follow a well detailed diet plan, and complete a challenging one hour workout each day the fat will absolutely melt off by the end of the program.

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