Eat Stop Eat Review – How The Diet Works

Eat Stop Eat Review

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by Healthoria.comEat Stop Eat, by Brad Pilon, is a meal structure plan designed to influence fat loss. How does it work, and more importantly will it work for you? The best answer is — it depends on your personal lifestyle.

Here’s the full Eat Stop Eat review. Keep reading to see if you’re a good fit for the popular diet plan.

Eat Stop Eat Diet Philosophy

The core philosophy of Eat Stop Eat is to utilize your natural fat burning mechanisms to strip away unwanted body fat. While traditional diets preach constant calorie restriction, and a long list of changes to food content, Eat Stop Eat doesn’t.

Instead, Eat Stop Eat influences fat burning in the following ways:

  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Improves Insulin Sensitivity
  • Increases Growth Hormone Secretion
  • Improves Glucagon Levels
  • Increases Lipolysis & Fat Burning
  • Decreases Blood Sugar Levels
  • Decreases Inflammation

Eat Stop Eat isn’t a calorie counting diet, it’s a meal structure plan intended to influence and accelerate natural fat burning mechanisms.

Important Terms

Intermittent Fasting
A meal structure which utilizes periods of short-term fasting to influence fat loss.

Fasted State
The metabolic state where your body shifts to utilizing body fat for energy. (Body fat is used for energy instead of food)

Fed State
The metabolic state, after eating a meal, where your body utilizes calories from food consumption to provide energy. (Calories from food are used for energy instead of body fat)

Who Should Try Eat Stop Eat

Choosing the right diet to fit your personal lifestyle is incredibly important. It ensures long-term sustainability and influences stress, happiness, and mood.

The Eat Stop Eat diet plan can help if you’ve struggled with any of the following diet problems:

You cheat on diets

Overly strict diets often leads to cheating, and eating food that wreck your hard earned weight loss. Sometimes your calorie restriction is just too much, and sometimes you have a mental lapse because you legitimately miss cheesecake. It happens.

One of the primary reasons Eat Stop Eat is a sustainable eating lifestyle, is because you’re not asked to give up the foods you love. Yes, you’re allowed to eat cheesecake on the diet but only on specific non-diet days.

You have trouble sticking to the plan

Everyone does it. You plan out the next 4-6 weeks in intricate detail for your meals and exercise, and for the first two weeks everything’s going well. Then everything goes off the rails, and the plan hangs on fridge collecting dust. It’s still there, but everyone pretends it isn’t.

Most people don’t have military level discipline to follow a highly detailed plan seven days a week. Eat Stop Eat acknowledges this, and tries to simplify your planning. There’s no calorie counting, in the traditional sense, and there aren’t special meals with special food you’ll need to cook everyday.

You hate diet food

One of the more common reasons for abandoning a diet, is because the food 100% sucks. You simply don’t want to do this anymore, so you quit. Eat Stop Eat is, at its core, a once a week diet. You only need to change your eating habits for one day per week.

The other six days have minimal changes, and you’ll be able to continue eating all the foods you currently enjoy. Instead of being miserable for seven straight days of bland diet food, you only need to focus on one day.

You don’t like cardio exercise

Eat Stop Eat relies heavily on how short term fasting influences your natural fat burning mechanisms (hormones and metabolic rate), and doesn’t require extensive cardio sessions. The best way to describe cardio in relation to Eat Stop Eat is that it’s “not required”.

You’re not discouraged from doing cardio, but it’s not necessary to lose body fat on the diet. So if you hate treadmills with an undying passion, you’re in luck.

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Benefits Of The Eat Stop Eat Diet

So how does a once a week diet work? And how can you continue to eat cheesecake and ice cream every week and still lose body fat? It’s because of the dynamics of short term fasts and how it influences your body’s ability to burn body fat.

This is what happens on Eat Stop Eat, and why you lose body fat, without relying on cardio or daily calorie restriction:

Decreased Insulin Levels

Insulin plays a prominent role in weight and energy management. When your insulin levels are high, this tells your body to store energy as body fat or glycogen. Elevated insulin also disrupts the utilization of body fat. If your insulin is high, you can’t release fat from fat stores. Within the first few weeks of Eat Stop Eat, you can expect your insulin levels to return to a more normal level.

Increased Lipolysis & Fat Burning

Lipolysis is the technical term for when fat is released from storage, and then enters the process to be used as energy. For dieting, this is the holy grail of weight loss. Unfortunately, most people will not spend enough time in a highly efficient fat burning zone to see substantial body fat reduction. Meal structure, and timing, is one way to naturally influence lipolysis and use of body fat.

Increased Glucagon Levels

While insulin is considered the dominant hormone when it comes to fat storage, glucagon is at the opposite end of the spectrum and influences the fat burning process. In addition to increasing fat burning, glucagon also plays a role in lowering cholesterol, and increase the release of fluids from your body.

Increased Growth Hormone Secretion

There’s a sweet spot in the fasted state where you’ll get short bursts of increased growth hormone secretion. Growth hormone influences fat loss and lean body mass. Most people are unable to take advantage of this natural occurrence, because they don’t know it exists. It’s not theory, there’s scientific studies and evidence as explained in the guide.


The most basic, and underestimated, principle of a successful diet is “how long can I do this”. Restricting calories for seven days a week, 365 days a year is simply not a reasonable solution for most people. The simplified meal structure, and limited diet content changes are a major plus for most people on the Eat Stop Eat diet.

The longer you can stay on a diet plan, the more weight you’ll lose.

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