Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

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Water help you lose weight


One of the first things you’ll hear from a personal trainer is to start drinking more water. We’re gonna call our trainer Cody, because that seems to be what their name always is. And, yes, he’s naturally blonde.

Now, Cody is absolutely on your ass about water. It’s like dehydration is a personal pet peeve, and he’s borderline violent about it.

Is it just bro-science? Is Cody full of crap, or is there actually a worthy payoff to drinking water all day?

Let’s be honest, it becomes kind of a chore trying to drink eight glasses of water every single day. Is it worth the effort? Does drinking water help you lose weight?

While it may not have instantly noticeable results, over the long haul it has proven beneficial to weight loss. Here’s what studies on increasing your water intake have proven:

You’ll Eat Less

Drinking water about 30-60 minutes before your meal will decrease your calorie consumption. It’s not because water can satisfy impending hunger cravings. It’s because your stomach is like a balloon with limited capacity.

When it’s full your brain utilizes hormones to send out signals to limit hunger and prevent you from bursting an organ. When your stomach reaches capacity you have to stop eating.

It doesn’t matter if it’s filled with food, water, or kool-aid. When it’s full, you eat less.

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You’ll Boost Your Metabolism

I wish there was a dial you could turn to crank up your metabolism, but it only seems to move in small increments throughout the day. And there isn’t a single, one item fix to crank your metabolism up.

Think of it more as a cumalative total of dozens of actions.

One of the actions you can do to influence metabolism is to drink cold water. That’s because your body will work (expend calories) to bring the temperature of the water down.

Yup, drinking ice water essentially burns calories. Not a lot per day, but it can add up to 500 calories per week for doing nothing.

No sweating, no running, you don’t have to wake up at 5am cranky af. You just have to drink ice water and BAM — you burned an extra 500 calories every week.

You’ll Lose Water Weight

One of the easiest ways to lose a few pounds is to drink more water. If you’re under consuming water every day it likely means you’re retaining water. That’s sounds silly, so let me elaborate.

Your body likes predictable behavior. It gets used to what you do, and how you behave. When you don’t drink enough water your body adapts and begins to store water on your person.

Your brain without enough water

Brain: Oh, no. Cody must be stranded on a desert island somewhere because he isn’t drinking 18 glasses of water like a maniac anymore. Better start conserving (water retention) for later. Cody must not die!

Your brain with lots of water

Brain: Cody seems to be consuming copious amounts of water this week. Guess I won’t need to store any for later. Damn his hair looks good today.

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General Health Benefits Of Increasing Water Intake

– Improves digestion
– Flushes out toxins
– Helps with headaches and migraines
– Reduces muscle fatigue

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