Do Grapefruit Diets Work?

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Do grapefruit diets work


Do grapefruit diets work?  The extreme fad diet of the 1980s has, unfortunately, given many people a false impression of grapefruit. Eating grapefruit everyday is often seen as a gimmick, or a fad, and not worth adding to your shopping list.

While it’s true most of the fad and extreme grapefruit diets end up failing, there are numerous studies showing the benefits of grapefruit when it comes ot weight loss and general health.

The Benefits Of Grapefruit

Vitamins & General Health

Grapefruit is a tremendous source of vitamin C, and directly helps your natural immune system fight off simple colds and more serious diseases like cancer. Grapefruit also influences your metabolism, insulin regulation, and cleanses your liver from toxic build up.

Weight Loss Studies

Grapefruit fad diets gained popularity and were taken to extremes because of scientific studies that backed the fruit as beneficial to weight loss. People who consistently ate grapefruit everyday, or drank grapefruit juice, lost more weight than those who didn’t in weight loss studies. This led to the false beleif that eating more grapefruit would result in more weight loss, which isn’t true.

Gum Health

Grapefruit boosts your natural immune system and can help fight off certain diseases. One of the more interesting benefits of eating at least two grapefruit per day, is its ability to reduce and prevent gum disease. When you eat grapefruit daily it slows and, in some cases, prevents free radicals from forming which can result in serious diseases.

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What You Shouldn’t Do

Only Grapefruit

If you only eat one type of food — all day, every day — you’re going to lose weight. This was the grapefruit fad in a nutshell. The problem with the all-grapefruit diet, isn’t the fruit itself. The problem is the flawed philosophy of only eating one food.

When you limit yourself to only one food source, and nothing else, it dramatically increases the likelihood of quitting and reverting back to your previous eating habits.

Can you lose weight if you ONLY eat grapefruit? Yes, absolutely. But most people won’t be able to stay on that type of extreme diet for more than a few days.

All Juice

There are juice variants of the grapefruit fad diet that gained some popularity in past years. Instead of eating grapefruit all day, you would drink the juice.

Replacing one of your meals with a smoothie, or protein shake, can definitely help you lose weight. Replacing every meal with an all juice diet will make you cranky and miserable.

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What You Should Do

Eat Before Meals

Studies confirming the benefits of grapefruit to weight loss and metabolism had participants eat half a grapefruit before meals. Those who simply added grapefruit to their meals lost more weight than those who didn’t.

What You Can Do With Grapefruit

For some people, grapefruit is just too bitter to peel and eat like any other fruit. If you don’t like the taste, but want to add more to your diet try this:

– Yogurt Topping
– Smoothies
– Salad Topping
– Grapefruit Grilled Chicken (Recipe)


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