Common Diet Myths That Cause Weight Gain

common diet myths

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by – There’s a little bit of truth in every myth which can add to confusion, and their misguided belief. Diet myths are not different. The problem with a diet myth isn’t just the spread of misinformation, it’s the cruel outcome of additional weight gain while dieting. Here’s the most common diet myths that can pack on the pounds if you aren’t careful.

Eating Salad Makes You Skinny

Most people will associate eating a salad with dieting and losing weight. While this can be true, it often results in overestimating calorie consumption and, unfortunately, weight gain. You can make a salad as fattening, and calorie dense as a McDonald’s Big Mac.

The lettuce isn’t the problem. Tomatoes, and cucumbers — still good. Even the croutons aren’t that bad. It’s when you decide to make your salad taste a little better, and more in line with what your taste buds are accustomed to.

It’s the dressing, the cheese, and yes — it’s the bacon. If you’re going to be disciplined enough to eat a salad, don’t ruin the benefits by using the most fattening dressing or toppings available.

Just Eat Healthier

Meal composition plays a large role in weight loss. Changing habits is the core principle behind a good diet and exercise plan. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can just change what you’re eating without tracking calories, or going into a calorie deficit.

Depending on the food you choose, it’s entirely possible to consume more calories on a healthier diet which results in unwanted weight gain.

You Can Lose 50 Pounds In Two Weeks

Unless you’re making plans to amputate something, it’s just not going to happen. The most strict crash diet, that makes you hate children and all that brings joy, would struggle to shed fifty pounds in three months. Two weeks isn’t a a realistic goal for that much weight.

If you’re trying to lose that much weight in so little time, it usually means there’s an event coming up like a family gathering, or *gasp* class reunion. What usually happens, is you realize the diet is far too restrictive, causing your weight to yo-yo resulting in weight gain before the big day.

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You Can Exercise Off Junk Food

“I just ate nine brownies, so I’ll hop on a treadmill for fifteen minutes to burn it off”. If only it were that simple. Unfortunately, there isn’t a 1-to-1 correlation for brownies consumed and your ass fat.

It’s not fair, but it’s true.

Let’s say you ate 800 calories worth of those brownies, which can and does happen on a really bad day. Do you know how long it would take to burn off 800 calories on a treadmill?

At a moderate jog, it would take about three hours on that treadmill to get rid of the brownies. If you can keep in mind how hard it is to burn off nine brownies, it can help you with self control and avoid a chocolate overdose.

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You Should Eat 8 small meals per day

This is a common myth, often linked to your metabolism. Eat eight small meals and your metabolism will melt all the fat away. While there is some truth to this. Your metabolism does increase with each meal, it isn’t significant enough to merit the inconvenience of eating a meal every two hours.

If you aren’t careful and incredibly disciplined, eating every few hours can add several hundred calories to your daily total.

A more practical application would be to eat four or five meals, but not because it can rev your metabolism into overdrive. It can help manage hunger cravings with more frequent meals.

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Diet myths cause weight gain

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