Diet Foods That Cause Weight Gain

The weight loss industry is massive, with thousands of products to choose from when you’re trying to lose a few pounds. The marketing behind many products can make them seem like a healthy choice, but the content and quantity of each serving can actually make you gain weight. Here’s some foods that cause weight gain and wreck all your hard earned progress.

Granola/Protein Bars

Depending on the brand and flavor of bar you choose, you might as well be eating a chocolate candy bar. Many of these “weight loss” bars, are packed with sugar and carbs which isn’t going to help anyone lose weight.

Be very careful when selecting protein bars, as many of these products are not designed for dieters trying to lose weight. These products are actually intended for athletes and bodybuilders who are trying to preserve muscle tissue.

Better Choice: Almonds, walnuts

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Fruit Juice

Fruit juice has many of the vitamins and nutrients you find in whole fruit giving it the appearance of health food, but it also has many drawbacks. All the fiber you find in whole fruit is removed from the juice, giving you a straight shot of sugar. This plays havoc with your insulin and blood sugar.

The other issue is the calories. It’s not unusual to drink 200 calories in one glass of fruit juice. Two or three glasses of juice is the equivalent of eating an extra meal everyday.

Better Choice: Whole fruit

Low Fat Yogurt

In moderation, yogurt can be beneficial to your overall health and weight management but it isn’t considered weight loss food because of the added sweeteners. Let’s be honest, plain yogurt is disgusting. It’s bitter, sour, and not much fun to eat.

The only way you can get most people to down some yogurt is if it’s sweet enough to taste like ice cream. The extra sugar and carbs in a serving of yogurt make it counterproductive to losing a few pounds.

Better Choice: Greek Yogurt

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Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is very convenient, and has the appearance of being healthy but it has many problems when it comes to weight loss. First, it has a ton of sugar. How much? Most dried fruit will have as much as three times the sugar content compared to whole fruit.

The other glaring problem is the quantity eaten. Since dried fruit are just bite size clumps of sugar, it’s easy to underestimate the amount you’re really eating. Before you know it, you’ve cleaned the bottom of a bowl with about 400 calories of dried fruit.

Better Choice: Celery, Carrots

Sweetened Drinks

Coffee, soda, and energy drinks are major contributors to your sugar consumption everyday. When you add up all the calories from your sweetened drinks you could be looking at an extra 500 calories every day.

Just reducing your sweetened drinks by half everyday is usually enough to see a noticeable difference in your weight after several weeks.

Better Choice: Lemon water, green tea

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