CrossFit For Beginners – 3 Workouts You Should Try

CrossFit for beginners

CrossFit training is fun, fast paced, and kind of addicting. But some of the workouts can also look a little intimidating which is why it’s important to start with the right routine. If you’ve never been to a dedicated gym, or you’re not sure where to start, here’s a CrossFit for beginners workout you should try.

3 CrossFit Tips For Beginners

Compete With Yourself

One of the more addictive aspects of CrossFit is trying to set a personal record (PR) for your workouts. The feeling of besting your prior effort is incredibly rewarding and very satisfying. Here’s a few things about setting a PR:

Don’t diminish your PR by comparing it to others. Focus on yourself, and your goals. You’re not competing with the guy next to you, or someone you see on Instagram. You’re competing with yourself.

A new PR will be easier in the initial stages. In your first few months, you’re going to set a lot of personal records. You’ll quickly improve strength, stamina and technique when you first start CrossFit. As you get closer to your fitness potential, setting a new PR will take more time and be less frequent.


While there isn’t a specific diet you need to follow for CrossFit, you may want to avoid super low carb diets when you’re just beginning. The exercises can be challenging enough on their own.

Trying to get through a full workout without any carbs to provide energy can make the workout seem harder than it is. Here’s some foods you’ll want in your diet:

Healthy Carb Sources:

– Oatmeal
– Brown Rice
– Sweet Potato
– Quinoa
– Fruit
– Vegetables

Learning Curve

It’s very rare for someone to begin CrossFit and be good at everything. You might be good at push-ups but struggle with pull-ups, or vice versa. It’s very normal. Unless you used to be an Olympic gymnast, there’s going to be some movements that need improvement.

You’re just a beginner, so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t mirror someone who’s been doing CrossFit workouts for 2-3 years.

Beginners Workout List

Workout #1 – James Haskell

Workout #2 – Endurance Hour

#3 – Quick10Workouts

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CrossFit for beginners

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