Compound Dumbbell Exercises At Home Workout

At home compound dumbbell exercises

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Including more compound movements with your workout routine can help with strength, coordination, balance and even flexibility. Working multiple muscles with a single exercise can also dramatically reduce the time needed to finish your workout. Below is a list of the best workouts and compound dumbbell exercises at home (or a gym).

Three Benefits Of Compound Dumbbell Exercises

Isolation exercises are great if you’re trying to stimulate growth for a specific muscle group, but compound exercises also have tremendous benefits. Here’s a few reasons to add more compound dumbbell exercises to your at-home workout.


The most notable benefit to working multiple muscle groups with a single exercise is time and efficiency. Instead of pausing between exercise sets, you can chain two or more movements into a single compound exercise.

This can dramatically decrease your total workout time, while still getting a thorough full body dumbbell workout.

Calories Burned

Exercises that involve more muscle tissue require more oxygen, and burn more calories compared to isolation exercises. Most strength training exercises don’t involve enough muscle tissue to provide a cardiovascular benefit.

Compound dumbbell exercises are more taxing, and can elevate your heart rate enough to provide a cardiovascular training benefit.


Compound exercises can help with balance, strength, and coordination as multiple muscles are required to work together.

Compound Dumbbell Exercises And Workouts

A compound exercise is any movement that works more than one muscle group. Instead of isolating your biceps with curls, for example, you could turn it into a compound dumbbell exercise by including a lunge.

Examples Of Compound Exercises

– Squats
– Clean And Press
– Squat Press

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